Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Question!

Tuesday Morning

Lauren: Mommy, I'm drawing a picture of a whale!

Me: Oh that's great sweetie.

Lauren: What's that thing called in the back of your throat that hangs down?

Me: What? Huh? (finally looking up from my paperwork) Oh, that's called an epiglottis.

Lauren: OK, well, I just drew an epiglottis on the whale.

Me: Really, you did? An epiglottis? Great!

Tuesday Night (and I'm not making this stuff up)

I spot Hannah in her bathroom with a flashlight looking down her throat. I think that is odd but keep moving....

Hannah: Hey Mom? What's that thing called in the back of your throat?

Me: An epiglottis (not missing a beat)

Hannah: Cool, I'm going to look it up on the internet.

Me: Go right ahead.

This makes me happy. I love science, especially anatomy/physiology. :)


Janice said...

next time we're over they all need to look down Nick's throat, he has a split/double epiglotis, it has a medical name that you can look up, the doctors love to mention it if they haven't seen one...

has Lauren seen Nemo lately? they show the whale's epiglotis in that movie

Donna Boucher said...

When I was little kids would say,

"You're epidermis is showing."

I replied,

"I know my slip is showing!"

Janet said...

Dave still says that about epidermis!

Janice, I did not know that about Nick! How cool. All my kids knew that Nemo reference when I asked them. I managed to forget about it. Imagine that. :(

hannah said...

Ok yes mom you made me sound like a weirdo! lol Well just so you all know the human body amazes me and I hope to be a nurse.... I am not kidding.

Donna Boucher said...

I love nurses.
Really they are angels sent from up above...expecially when you are suffering and along in a big hospital.

Excellent vocation!!!

Go Hannah!

(Many of my best friends are nurses!)

Janice said...

you are right on about the nurses!!!great people

has anyone looked up Nick's condition?
Hannah, that didn't make you look weird, just curious and intelligent

Amy said...

I've been debating about this since yesterday.

Check out this image:

I'm really not trying to be a smarty pants. Really.

I love you dearly.


Janet said...

You are not being a smarty pants!! You are 100% correct and I am really embarassed. Wow. What a huge mistake.

Uvula!! That's it.

Thank you for graciously correcting me.

Love you too Dr. Amy!!

Anonymous said...

im sorry lady your wrong... the thing hanging down in the back of the throat is the palatine uvula, the epiglottis is made up of elasitc cartilage that prevents food from going into your trachea...please teach your children the right things. Instead of being ignorant and making your kids that way too

Anonymous said...

sorry for that comment i didnt realize someone had already corrected you.. my bad.