Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

We have been enjoying the most beautiful Spring weather. It has been unusually hot. My children have been swimming, the air has had to be on in the house and car, flip flops are in full use and our yard looks fresh and new.

Here is what's happening out front.

A Shammel Ash

I wish you could join me for a glass of iced tea. My front door is open too, come on in!

My sweet alyssum and petunias made it through our very cold 'winter', all I had to do is add two pink geraniums (healthy and pretty from Target).


And something I've never done before....a quote from Shakespeare:

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."

I agree with and understand this quote! Even if it is March. :P


Donna Boucher said...

Flowers surviving thru the winter???
What is that?

Such pretty pictures!
Can I have a Diet Dr. Pepper instead of tea. I really don't like tea.

I'll bet it smells gorgeous!

Don't those orange blossoms bloom this time of year?

Is the water in the pool super cold?

Janet said...

Yes, Donna the smell of orange blossoms is wonderful, I forgot to mention that. It's very strong right now. Ahhhh Choooo.

Dave turned on our pool's solar heater a few weeks ago when he saw the warm weather coming. It's still way to cold for me.

hannah grace said...

The pool is actually not too cold for me! It's so cool, I already have a tan. (I have been working on it.) I love Arizona right now!

Kim said...

Oh, funny! You and I both posted the same blog titles! Your pics sure are refreshing to look at, Janet! Especially this time of the year! I love that combo of alyssum, petunias and geraniums. Might just have to try that one. But not yet. Winter could still sneak up on us here in NE Georgia! Have a glorious day, my dear! Inhale those sweet orange blossoms for me!