Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sarah Hope

Here is how Sarah spent her afternoon. It was an early release day from school and rainy today. What is especailly sweet is that Sarah first had to CLEAN the big girl's room before she could set up her tea party. And trust me, that is not an easy task.

Hannah graciously accepted her invitation.


Donna Boucher said...

Did Sarah know where all those pieces go?
Did she ask for help?
What was on the menu?

Dana is going to be very impressed!

As am I!

My legs look just like Hannah's when I sit Indian Style!


Amy said...

Those are cute girls! I like seeing pictures of your family.

I came to see if you had your birthday yet... mine is today and I know we are close. Anyway, Happy soon-to-be Birthday to you!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Amy!! Is this the big 4-0 or am I jumping the gun?! My (our) birthday is on the 27th and we turn 41 :-0

I'm glad you came by for a visit.

Have a great day!

Dana said...

Donna is sooo right!

I am impressed with Sarah's tea table, menu, and presentation, esp the *tablecloth*

Lovely :)

Dana in GA

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Janet, the young :)

Donna Boucher said...

Hey! Janet.
Post a picture of you and we can start adding birthday greetings to you both!!!

Happy Birthday to my very dear. very young sisters :o)

(It's all relative :o)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday toooo youuuuuuu!

Have a great day Janet! I'm thinking of you today! -Amy

sis' cindy :) said...

Janet...I love seeing pictures of your children!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to you and your twinie Janice!!!!! :)

Janet said...

Thank you Cindy, Donna, Amy and Cindy! Now go laugh at the picture I posted.