Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday mom and auntie !!!! Your the BEST mom and Aunt I could EVER have!!! I am so blessed that I know you two!!! LOVE YOU TWO more than you know!!

Luv ya,


Janet said...

Dani, you ROCK!!!

Friends, Dani hacked into my blog and surprised me with this post! Isn't that clever!

Thank you Dani. I love you. :)

Donna Boucher said...

Go Dani!
You are sweet and smart!

I can't believe how grown up you look!
How did you figure out your mother's password....AND you knew how to post a picture!

Good job!
Did you have something special for dinner tonight?

hannah said...


For Dinner we went to Ajo Al's with mom and auntie!

Janice, aka Auntie said...

Well, I tried to hack in to post a photo of my b-day present from Janet but I am not nearly as clever as my 11 yr old neice!!!

dinner was delicious, the joy of walking into a restaurant with 7 Walworths at the table wishing me well was even more scrumptious!!!Janet and Dave have created some crazy, wonderful children and I am so blessed to be part of it all!!

Janet said...

Thank you for those kind words dear Janice but I was thinking that the word that described dinner last night was FIASCO. But FUN nevertheless.

Donna Boucher said...


Twin love.

Warms my heart ;o)