Friday, March 30, 2007


Donna, Patrick, Emma and friends are enjoying Paris right now as I type. It is Friday evening in Paris and I'm sure they have had a full afternoon. Perhaps they've already seen these amazing sites!!

For those of you that don't know this is Emma's homeschool graduation gift. She has been the most amazing homeschool student! She is a very hard worker and very self motivated making Donna's job very easy. Donna and Patrick wanted to reward her for her diligence and commitment to classical education. to France and Italy where she can see and feel and smell and touch much of what she has only read about.

I am going to have fun with this web page. I can keep track of them a little better. I was hoping Patrick would take a lap top and get Donna blogging from France but I don't think he did. And he's a techie....he should be ashamed of himself. :) Doesn't he know how badly we are going to miss her daily posts?

Please pray for their travels, for sound sleep, for safety and most of all FUN!


janice said...

way to go, I was hoping you'ld be a-bloggin'!!!

how long did we spend in Paris? I remember the boats in the pond at the park by the Louvre (Donna would be proud of my prepositional phrases)
I spent two weeks there at Christmas time and it looked nothing like those blue sky pictures, but it was still Fabulous...
love and prayers go out to the Booshay's!!!

Janet said...

I don't remember how long we stayed in Paris. I do remember how rude the people were. Hopefully Donna will have a better experience. The Metro is very easy to use except for the language barrier, that was a slight problem.

Did you notice how cold it is there right now! I hope they packed warm clothing and an umbrella.

Lynn in WI said...

Oh I hope he took the laptop! Although, I doubt they would have the energy or time to turn it on.

I've been checking their weather at and I was monitoring their flight status yesterday like a nervous mother.

So, what should we talk about while Donna's gone?? ;)

Wet and soggy greetings from WI to the AZ Branch of the Glyman Clan!

Janet said...

Hi Lynn! I'm so glad you came by for a visit! That is checking their flight status :)

Sorry to hear about your wet and soggy weather. It's going to be in the mid 80's all weekend.

So, what do you what to talk about while Donna is gone?

Lynn in WI said...

I don't know, what do you want to talk about? ;)

Have you checked Donna's blog today? Do you see the inappropriate ad at the end of the comments in Haloscan? She leaves and the gremlins take over!

Let's see, we've already talked about the weather. How about the five points of Calvinism? ;)

Bon weekend,