Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Real Deal

Dy and MFS posted pictures of themselves that show the real person behind the blog. I think it is a great idea. So, here it is. This picture was taken last spring in San Diego, that is why I look happy and relaxed. I chopped my husband out of the picture but you can see his shiny forehead if you look closely. :) I decided to post this one because I think it is the closest to how I look on a daily basis. I love my jean jacket.

I have met Dy in real life and let me tell ya she is as beautiful in person as she is in those pictures! And MFS, well, I'm not sure if I've ever seen a full picture of her face (she's usually hiding behind a book) so it is really fun to meet her, go take a look! I hope more ladies in the blogsphere will do this, it really is fun to get to know the gals!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Donna Boucher said...

Darling picture!

You can do it!

Donna Boucher said...

Ya know. You are very young looking Janet!

I'll bet people think you are in your early thirties :o)

Dana said...

So, you dont think I look like the Shepherdess in my blog profile picture?

This sounds a lot easier to do that write an entry today. I want to talk about my grandmother, who would be 105, but I have other things I should be doing.

Dana in GA

Janet said...

Thank you Donna!

Sorry about the links. The new Blogger is weird.

Dana, you're funny. It was an easy post.

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh Look! It's my sweet sister!! I love to seen photos! You looks precious! sis'

For Donna: I read your BLOG just a few seconds ago... (didn't post there...but I got to thinking... HANG IN THERE! You can still enjoy breads by switching to whole wheat/grains. I have been using whole wheat pasta and cannot tell a difference! Drink green tea! It gets you moving. I have tried Liptons Diet Green Tea/ Citrus.