Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What? Christmas Music Already?

Well, yes, when it's this good I have to share....

I am a huge fan of James Taylor and have listened to his music all of my life so when I saw this at Sam's Club I grabbed it. This is classic James. I think it can be described as folk/pop/jazz/blues Christmas. It has a nice mix of traditional and sacred.

He works with a man named Dave Grusin on this CD. I had not heard of this man but after reading a little about him I now know how talented he is and it is not a surprise that this CD is so good.

My favorite songs on this CD include Go Tell It On The Mountain, Some Children See Him and In The Bleak Midwinter.

Buy this CD, you won't be disappointed.

Fun little note about James Taylor. My brother Jim and his wife Susan (of ten years) live on Martha's Vineyard. Susan has known James for years and invited him to their wedding. My goofy sisters that attended the wedding were soooo excited to see James that they were snapping pictures with him in the background. Gee, do you think he noticed? I know I would have been even more of a goof had I been there.

OK, I'll put the CD away for one week. That's it. And then it's out for the remainder of the Christmas season.



Donna Boucher said...

Oh, how I love James Taylor. Such a sweet, gentle voice.

His album JT was my absolute college favorite...along with Earth Wind and Fire :o)

Janice, a sis said...

hey, I found a Christmas station on the internet and have been listening today, we are such twins...

sis' cindy :) said...

Guilty...I LOVE Chirstmas music!! I have been playing it in my car!! I purchased two new CDs for the season...The Elf Movie...very jazzy and fun and Jim Brickman's piano music for the holidays!! I will play it at quiet time for the kids too!

I was naughty and downloaded two Christmas music CDs last year and BOY did I do a great job!! I put everything from Kenny and Dolly to Jose Feliciano! One of my favorite songs is O Holy Night! John Berry and Mariah Carey's versions are my favs. I have the funniest memories of O Holy Night being sung in church...it's always the bellowing, opera style woman that sings it and it's NEVER the best singer in the church.!!

Kenny G has always been a favorite of mine and Susie's. We usually crack it up on Thanksgiving!

Micheal Buble has a great version of I'll be home for Christmas!!!

more later...

Anonymous said...

I got out my Kenny G "Faith" this weekend and ripped it onto my computer this very morning.
AND Cindy sent me a surprise Jim Brickman...wonderful. I LOVE Amy Grant's Christmas Album. I can't remember the one song...it's about Mary...it makes me sob! WE should really get together for Christmas one of these years SOON. sister sue

Donna Boucher said...

I remember on old fellow bellowing O Holy Night at Calvery Lutheran in Minocqua. It was awful and we would all just roll our eyes. (real nice)
He came around and sand it year after year!

I adore Amy Grant's Christmas music!
Kenny and Dolly, The Judds and Kathy Matea are faves. Kathy sings the best Mary did you Know? I have ever heard.

I think the Amy G. Mary song is called Breath of Heaven.

Love You All,

Dana said...

I will definitely have to get this! Not only is James Taylor a favorite, but so is Go Tell it on the Mountain! Plus my girls sing a delicious four-part harmony of In a Bleak Midwinter.
This is a must!
Thanks for the info.
Dana in GA

Carol in Oregon said...

Oh, Janet! Hallmark first put this CD out two years ago. My girlfriend gave it to me and I listened to it 10 times in a row the first day. I love, I adore this music. I'm delighted that it is out in mass market.

Weren't some of the pieces a real surprise? In The Bleak Midwinter hits me in my emotional solar plexus every time I hear it.

Everyone, GET THIS CD!

Janet said...

Carol, I'm so glad you like this CD as much as I do! And yes some of the pieces were surprising and wonderful and bluesie (sp).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been listening to Christmas
music for several weeks now, much to the horror of my family! My new one this year is Mercy Me's The Christmas Sessions and I always like the Charlie Brown Christmas album. I will look for James Taylor for sure.... you can never have enough Christmas music!

Anonymous said...

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wendy said...

My husband loves James Taylor - I think I will have to get this! Thanks for the tip!

Circle of Quiet said...

Hi Janet,

I am so glad you posted this CD -- I scooted over to amazon and it's on sale this week for $7.99. Instant Christmas shopping (-: Thanks.

Happy belated blog anniversary!