Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh So Cute

A friend brought her brand new Havenese puppies to school and I'm in love. They are absolutely precious. Her puppies are pure white and only 8 weeks old. She found the breeder in MO and they were shipped to Phoenix. I had not heard of this breed until now. Isn't he adorable? Maybe someday......


Donna Boucher said...


I want one!

I have seen one in person.
They are like a lighter version of a Tibetian Terrier (like our crazy Cooper)


But pricey!

sis' cindy :) said...

One of our teachers has a MaltePoo...cross between a Maltese and a the new thing I guess to cross breed with a poodle to have a no allergy dog...ANYWAY, she is such a cutie like this one…so fluffy and small.

You know my family...we have bulldogs! We are on our second one! They are charming in their own way. Samson is the biggest baby but snores like an old man!!

(hey, I just tried something and it worked! I always feel so bad about my typos...SO...I copied this to Word...spelled checked...and re-pasted it back here and it worked!...frankly, you might have to settle for my typos when I am in a hurry!!)