Friday, November 24, 2006

Catch Up

Grandparent's Day At School

Thanksgiving! I'm thankful.


In this picture we are without Danielle and Sarah but have Nicholas with us. Don't mind my goofy face.

All is well. It has been a very fun few days. Thanksgiving was wonderful. Except my turkey wasn't completely cooked after 3 1/2 hours in the bag and it was time to eat. We were able to carve enough for everyone to enjoy and thankfully we also had a ham. After dinner I promptly threw the legs and wings and extra meat in to a stock pot and cooked up a huge batch of turkey broth. I'm pretty sure Tom was not completely thawed and that was the problem. Oh well, what can you do? I'm sure my soup will be delicious.

Have a great weekend!


Donna Boucher said...

Well...girly really need to post more pictures...just like today!

I can not even recognize James. He looks like a completely different boy than the last time I saw him! Hannah is so tall!
And I didn't know that was Nicolas!

All of the children look amazing!

(And you are looking very good Janet!)

And then I almost cried to see Nancy at Grandparents day! How wonderful is THAT!!!

Thouroughly enjoyable post!!!!

Jessie said...

lol yeah, James is taller than me now, wich I personally think is just wrong. :) And I gave up years ago trying to catch up to Hannah, she's been taller than me for forever. lol

Anonymous said...

Janet, it looks you have had a wonderful, full holiday weekend. Don't you love it when you children get to be taller than you are? Happy Thanksgiving. love sue

Anonymous said...
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sis' cindy said...

Yeah..Janet posted AND PICTURES!!! Thank you! I love seeing family pics.:)

Amy said...

Janet, I always struggle with the thawing thing. I'm so paranoid it will get too warm and err on the side of a frozen bird going in the oven. It's very frustrating. Glad your day was so fun!