Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Taste of Fall

The trees in Prescott were yellow.

They were stunning!

We had a wonderful time in spite of my upset stomach and 'issues' Friday night. Remember in my last post I mentioned I was feeling run down? Well, it hit me Friday night while we were in Prescott.

Hannah and Jessie helped me make my bed and Stacey and her mom juiced organic carrots and made me drink it. I crawled in to bed and slept. I was able to get up and enjoy Saturday, I think the carrots did the trick. I am seriously going to be shopping for a juicer. I've heard good things about the Omega brand juicer. I think if I set out to juice 3X/week that is a reasonable goal. Our family does not consume enough veggies so this will be a great way to get them down. I will probably start with carrots and apples and then experiment from there. I know parsley and beets are very good for you so eventually I should add them.

Anyway, all is well. We had a wonderful time with wonderful friends and I love the town of Prescott more with every visit. I could very easily live there full time.


Cindy said...

We need to eat more veggies also. I try to always keep carrots and apples around but they kids get bored with that. Maybe juicing is the way to go. I used to juice a little bit years ago but I think I tried to get too exotic and spinach juice is really, really horrible.

Dana said...

My only experience is with the brand, Vita-Mix. And I've also been interested in wheat grass. Lately, I've been getting a shot of that before my smoothie. Donna introduced me to Gittleman...and I'm trying to incorporate some of her *Before the Change* suggestions.
Take care.
Dana in GA

Jessie said...

DO NOT PUT CELERY IN YOUR JUICE!!!!! It's soooo nasty! But Carrots, apples, parsley and beets are fine. And that's comming from a 14 year old who is VERY picky. :) So I would imagine most people would like

Anonymous said...

Oh no, now Mrs. Walworth is juicing. Now i am not going to spend the night anymore cuz she will make me drink juice or she might want to put noni juice on my head like she wanted to the last time =)


Janet said...

See you Friday night Josh. :)