Thursday, January 24, 2008

J Cubed

Janet, Janice and Jimmy

I think we all agreed that this shot was taken in 1979 at his house on Martha's Vineyard. It looks better in black and white but I think the funky colors give it age and well, funkiness.

Thank you, Janice, for finding it and scanning it and emailing it so I could post it.

Now, can we talk about 'her' glasses? Mercy! What on earth? How could we have 4 other sisters and not one of them say "hmmmm, maybe those are a little too big for your face hunny, maybe you shouldn't wear those cuz someday just maybe this will come back to haunt you?"

What? You don't like my orange terry cloth outfit? Well! Trust me, it was cool. The shorts were very orange and they had white stripes going down the side and were trimmed in white around the legs. Fashion slave, yes, that was me back in the day.

All joking aside, we are having a delightful time with Jim! We're taking him to an 8th grade basketball game and then out for German food.


Elton girl said...

well, Nancy helped me pick them is hard to pick out your own glasses because you can't see what you look like in them when they don't have any lenses...I think there is a Seinfeld episode about it

I've got my kids backs, and even warn them that when they don't take my advice 'I tried'

that summer I got my braces off and new contacts (the hard kind) and life as I knew it changed! but if you'll notice my eyes are open so maybe the whole closed eye thing is the contacts

I'm pretty sure your outfit was HangTen, dontchathink?

Donna Boucher said...

Oh you guys are all so adorable!!!!

Janice, to make you feel better. I have a pair of RayBans that are that shape!

You were stylin'.
Don't listen to your twin.

I love, love, love, love that pictures!

And I love you all too!!!

Janice, a sas said...

yes, I always have been ahead of my time

Love you, too.

sis' cindy :) said...

The glasses were in style then!!! Go back and look at your college pics with "mall bangs", and Guess jeans so skinny legs with zippers!!

I am pleased to say I never did have "mall bangs" !!!!!

You are all so darling! Susie I drug Jimmy down memory lane with our photos too!!! I had to jog his memory that I made a trip to the Vi neyard to visit my freshman year at Stephens!! Ihad pics to prove it and went to Wal-Mart to make prints to send to him and Peter! I plan to write a note and send them snail mail!!!! (Donna's Blog reference)

Bella said...

Hmmm, I remember having the same orange terry was cool!

Sister Sue said...

Well, at least you're not wearing the Danskins in that photo...I have a pic of you in your Danskins by my Formula and me in my painters pants (I have never been a slave to fashion....ever) Now, those glasses were very fashionable and if she had been made to wear small thin "cat" like glasses like we happily wear today she would have D-I-E-D died!!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Now, is this an 8th grade game, or the 8th basketball game Jimmy's gone to since he's been to Phoenix????

Janet said...

Sue! How funny. One 8th grade bball game, last night.

Listen to all of you defending Miss Janice. :)

Cindy, why'd you have to bring up Mall Bangs?

a vindicated sis said...

thanks girls!

'sis cindy :) said...

I couldn't help myself!!!! ;)

sister sue said...

Janet, we're really defending ourselves, as we too wore/ or thought those were stylin glasses once upon a time. You guys were our precious little sisters! WE all wanted the best for you girls! The best outfits, and glasses... :)