Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Once Sarah's broken nose healed it was time to set out and get a "Christmas" photo. Well, Christmas was one week away and you know, a gal can't get a photo taken, pictures ordered, envelopes addressed, stamps purchased and mail dropped when she has 1000 other things to do before Christmas. So our Christmas card turned in to a New Years card and here it is.

My new neighbor (as of July) is a very sweet and fun and talented photographer. She runs a very successful business from her home so she can stay home with her young family.

Her web page is HERE.

And this is where she blogs about life and photography.

Jennifer is her name and PhotoJenic is the name of her business! Isn't that clever?

I would have preferred this to be all about the kids but my husband insisted this be all about all of us. I begged to take out at least the small picture and he said NO. I 'gave' because, you know, I am the most submissive wife around. ha.

Jen is going to help me do a wall collage for my home. You should see the beautiful pictures she has of her family in her home. She says that is her favorite part of her business. Seeing them huge and on the walls.

Keep Jen in your prayers. She is about to deliver baby #3 and is busy with 2 young boys.

Just for reference and for my sisters....Hannah 15, James 14, Dani 12, Sarah 9 and Lauren 5. Dave and Janet. Never mind.

Here's to a blessed 2008!!


sis' cindy :) said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you put your picutre on the card!!!!

Happy New Year!

(do you have a copy of the picture of the four sisters when I was in AZ?)

Dominion Family said...

WOW! Absolutely wonderful.

Donna Boucher said...

Yay!!! How wonderful and beautiful!!
This is really a special card!

You have really got the hair do going!


Cindy, I have pictures for both Janice and Janet and haven't sent them yet. I have a thing about sending things.

Nan said...

Hi! Visiting from Donna's place! :^D You have a beautiful family!

And I like your blogroll... I haven't been to many of those blogs in a long while but used to frequent many of them daily!

wendy said...

What a lovely card - I think it's perfect, and how fun that the photographer is your neighbor!

(visiting via donna)

Anonymous said...

What a great card! Thanks for the update on the ages. Happy New Year! Sister sue

Carmon Friedrich said...

What great pictures. I need to do a family photo but I'm too lazy to do the herculean task of making them all be in one place at once and then smile at the same time. Shudder!

Happy New Year!

Skeller said...

Ooooh. This is a fabulously wonderfully lovely card filled with beautiful photographs with amazing lighting. I especially like the composition of the card itself.
Happy New Year, Susan
(also visiting from Donna's...)