Friday, January 18, 2008

Great Find

Some day we will update our kitchen and add major square footage. Until then, I need to find creative ways to store and organize the stuff we have.

I found this attractive cabinet at

Good news! It is sturdy and level and it only took hubby an hour or so to assemble. Another "plus" is that all the parts and pieces and screws and hinges and blah blah blah were all in the box. I like it when that happens.

Lauren was eager to help me wipe it down and start filling it with the overflowing mixing bowls and other kitchen goodies. I grabbed a few items from around the house to finish off the look.

And so did Lauren.


Kari & Kijsa is a new favorite blog of mine.

They are decorators extraordinaire!

And they like Diet Coke.

Nuff said.


Donna Boucher said...

What a great cabinet!!! I love the black.

And those Legos are priceless :o)

p.s. write me with your stats :o)

Laura said...

I love that cabinet! Alas, my tiny kitchen has no floorspace, or I would look for a similar cabinet to use for counterspace.

natalie said...

My kitchen has cabinet space... I just haven't become organized enough to use it efficiently! :-) I have upper cupboards that are best accessed if you are standing on the countertop, and I haven't figured out what things are used infrequently enough to put up there. Also, I think I need some of those metal cabinet organizer thingees...ok, its late, my brain isn't working... ;-) You know, that you stack short glasses/spices/etc under and then on top of? Thus giving you another shelf, in essence? Hopefully that made some sense...

You said you liked comments... you didn't specify they had to be coherent! ;-)

Amy said...

I *heart* your new cabinet. Really. And the legos, well, are you sure Luke hasn't been visiting you?

Nothing makes me happier than to find others who appreciate Diet Coke in all its glory. Thank you for sharing the lovely link.

Speaking of Diet Coke, February is coming soon. Will you be in Dallas? We could get a Diet Coke. And a pedicure. And something chocolate.

P.S. I saw your picture on Ree's sidebar today! Fun!

Donna Boucher said...

I have seen Janet's picture twice on Ree's sidebar.

Never myself.

Her aggregator likes you.

Dominion Family said...

You and Donna are always widening my horizons!

Junebug said...

I have a very similar black cabinet like that with a butcher block top. Mine is three drawers wide. We had to put it together too. My son did anyway. I like yours with stainless steel.

Janet said...

Hi Natalie! Long time no 'see'. I'm sure married life is pure bliss. Glad you are back.

Amy, I'll email you about Dallas. I'm rather undecided. Hubby and two employees are for sure going.

Sue has seen my mug at Ree's too. *blush*