Monday, September 10, 2007


Donna tagged me with the "8 Random Facts Meme".

I'll play along today!

1. I love shopping at Walgreens and can easily spend 45 minutes wandering around.

2. I had to have an ovary removed when I was 24. God still gave me five beautiful babies!

3. I love pedicures and manicures and I highlight my hair.

4. My favorite flowers include peonies, gerbera daisies and gardenias.

5. I have baby back ribs in the oven right now and it is the first time I've ever made them.

6. I have my B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

7. We are going to Washington DC next June and also hope to go to Yellowstone National Park in July.

8. I love having a clean car and a full tank of gas.....blame my bil! I also love riding/driving ATVs, preferably Honda's.

Tag yourself if you want to play along or put yours in my comments.


Donna Boucher said...

Ah! the girl who has mani/pedi's and drives a Honda ATV...

What a woman :o)

I hear Yellowstone is fabulous and huge.
Maybe we should met you out there!

sis' cindy :) said...

So that is where I got my clean car full tank of gas quirk...aha!!

Anonymous said...

huh, we could be twins, 'cept that clean car bit...I also cannot spot types of cars from miles away...

Dana said...

If you like the baby back ribs recipe, will you post it?

It's one of my hubby's favorite foods, but I've only ever grilled them on the *barbie* :)

Blessings fm GA,