Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

Now that the temperatures here have dropped below 95 degrees I'm getting excited about Fall. ;-) I found this yesterday at Linens-N-Things. It smells like fall with a hint of cinnamon.

Do you have a favorite Yankee Candle scent?


sis' cindy :) said...

Oh, Yankee Candle talk!

My favorite fall candle is Spiced Pumpkin. I cannot stray!

Christmas it is Home for the Holidays.

...and a new fav of mine is Fresh Cut Roses,yes, I like the rose scent. I think I am getting old! (My new perfume is Bulgari's Rose Essentials!)

Old favs.... Lavender, Midsummers Night,Buttercream...

Janice, a sis said...

hey, I love the Fresh Cut Roses...it does not mean we are getting old!!!

anything that smells remotely like Clean Sheets makes my boys think of you

I still like the black one, Midnight Summers Dream (or something like that)

Janet said...

Yeah, that along with Tide and Bounce. :)

Dominion Family said...

Last year I bought a pear candle off the sale table at White Barn and it smelled better than anything I have ever smelled before. I hope they have it again this fall.

anita said...

Harvest is one of my favorites!
But don't get to liking it too much- whenever I fall in love with one of their scents they discontinue it. They used to have one called- Something Lodge or Lodge Something that smelled like pipe tobacco and burning leaves and coffee in the kettle and all kinds of wonderful nostalgic stuff. And now it is no more.

I'll start burning my Harvest one next month. I have to do Apple Cider or Farmhouse Apple in September. November is Frosted or Spiced Pumpkin, December is Balsam and Cedar, January is Fireside, February Fresh Cut Roses...shall I stop now?

sis' cindy :) said...

I wonder if Yankee Candle realizes how we use their scents to get us through the year!

Anonymous said...

I like Harvest too! and Home for the Holidays. I actually like Christmas wreath too. sister sue