Friday, August 24, 2007

A Small Setback

Do you see the sink holes in these pictures? Notice how far they are to each end and how the mirrors are all the way to the wall? I can't live with it. And when your spending all this time and money on a project like this it better be just what you want. RIGHT?

A new man, actually the owner of the construction company, was in charge of the bathroom that day and he assumed that I wanted the sinks centered over the two little doors. Well, I didn't, but he didn't ask. So when I saw it I silently gasped and called Dave. I was calm but said "um, did we really want the sink over the doors?" We lived with it for a few days and then I calmly (the key here) told Dave I just didn't like it. He understood and agreed. The good news is that is it not granite, it is Formica. We chose Formica for right now because the four girls will be using curling irons, nail polish, nail polish remover etc. and we figure we can change the counter top very easily when they get a little older. Dave and I were prepared to buy the new counter top ($200) but the construction company offered to deduct it from the grand total! So it is on order and should arrive some time next week. It has delayed the project by a week or so but this way we will be totally happy.

I also decided to get a quote from a painter to finish the book shelves, crown moulding, casings, baseboards and new walls. I should hear from them soon. Please pray that my husband will allow it.....I don't think I can cope with all of the trim work and detail it will take to finish it off.

Here is what was accomplished this week.

P.S. The colors of my walls finally look right in these pictures.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my.
That would have bothered me too.

Aunt Dorothy would not have kept it like that either.

She told me that in California the builders laid the wrong tile in the swimming pool.
She made them take it all out and do it right.

The thing can't be impatient if you want things done correctly.

By the way.

I love your wainscoting.

I dream of wainscoting.

Donna Boucher said...

Don't you miss Sue and Cindy?

I do.


Janet said...

Yes, I do! Are they busy with school?

Donna Boucher said...

I think they are very busy with school!
Along with all the new students, they have parent meetings and teacher meetings.

dmk32 said...

I love the wainscoting, too, Janet!
And way to go for sticking up for what you want.
I got your email about my prize; sorry I haven't written back, we have house-guests from CA! Thank you very much for letting me know it's on its way! I can't wait! :)
I'm praying God will prepare my heart for the lesson to be taught to me from the book.
God bless!

dmk32 said...

Um...Densie? hahahaha How accurate!

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh goodie! I haven't missed a thing lately!!!! Too busy getting use to school to Blog theses 'bout you!!??

Anonymous said...
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