Monday, August 20, 2007

Homeschool Preschool

We're going to have a great time while the big kids are away!

How do you like my fancy, non-classical, inexpensive curriculum? :)


Donna Boucher said...

She is darling.
Katie loves to paint too!

I'm sure your curriculum is just fine.

Susan Wise Bauer doesn't even do preschool!

Just play and paint and read books.

sis' the Kindergarten Teacher said...

Hey... are you only letting her paint with one finger!!!???? Let go and let her use all her fingers!!! Don't forget teh Play-doh too! (I know ...she can't stand the feel at first!!) Flounder can teach any one anything!!
How precious is she!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

No. I didn't tell her she was only allowed to use one finger. That is how she chose to paint.

"Flounder can teach any one anything!!" Whoa, what does that mean Cindy?

She plays with Play Doh all the time.

Auntie said...

of course you would notice that, I had to look go back and look at the babies started with pudding in the high chair at a very young age, so my the time the paint came they went for it

what a funtime ! yeah!!

anita said...

We used those comprehensive curriculum books for a few years when the boys were small. We got them cheap at Sam's Club (The books, not the boys)
And now that they are all big and huge they can tie their own shoes and text message on their phones and change oil in the cars. We owe a lot to that flounder.

Janet said...

Yes! Anita, I got mine at Costco.

Ok, now I get the Flounder reference. :)

dmk32 said...

She looks like she is having a great time! Way to go, Mom! :)

'sis' cindy the Kdg. Teacher said...

Flounder is so sweet and innocent...I thought that might be the first appeal to the program!!! You gotta remember where I come from....I am always so amazed to see parents taking an interest in their children! Imagine NOT attending parent events and meetings and just sending your child to school on the first day WITHOUT even meeting the teacher!

KUDOS to you for teaching and being involved wtih your children!!!!!

You go Mom/Teacher...maybe it is Donna who hates Playdoh!!!