Tuesday, August 14, 2007


With pictures later in the day!

The guys arrived at 6:30 AM and so far they have accomplished:

Vanity installed
Counter tops on
Mirrors hung
Bookshelves up
Crown moulding started
Door casings started



My hubby did the rest of the painting and laminate floors while Janice and I had the kids in Flagstaff. It was our last chance to go up North before school starts and we agreed that since Dave had to work at our store on Saturday and figure out how to do the floors it would be good for us to be out of his way. We came home to beautiful wood floors. He did a great job!!

Janice and I had a wonderful time up North. We took the kids to Snow Bowl Ski Resort and rode the chair lift. We were at 11,500 feet elevation! The views were breathtaking. As we started on our way down Lauren said "you can see the whole world from here". She was fearless and sat on the edge of the chairlift dangling and swinging her feet. I can't say the same about her Auntie and one sister. :)

One other highlight was seeing a herd of elk, probably 50+, grazing in the meadow. We drive out to the meadow almost every night looking for the elk. Hannah was just convinced that they had picked another spot but on our last night we had the thrill of finding them just at dusk. We also saw two yearling elk in a neighborhood. They were not spooked at all. They were casually roaming through the yards eating leaves and startling home owners and their dogs. We don't know where Mama was and wonder why they were seperated from the herd.

More later.


Amy said...

One of the few times I've had terror in my mommy heart was sitting next to Peyton on the skilift for her first ride. It makes my heart race even now. And you say Lauren was sitting on the edge? I'm feeling dizzy....

I can't wait to see pictures of your new space! Hurry!

Donna Boucher said...

You're the man!!!