Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A few months ago Donna linked to the blog Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and I followed the link like a good, obedient, younger sister. I have been hooked ever since.

Ree is an amazing woman, photographer, cook, ranch babe and mommy of four! She has a great sense of humor and writes much better than this, but most all of you who read this blog write much better than this. :)

Ree also started up a recipe blog and whoa horsey, the recipes are amazing! I almost shed tears when I saw she posted a recipe for Rotel. Not your normal Rotel, but as she refers to it, Rotel on steroids!! I made it on Sunday afternoon and it did not disappoint. She received some blasphemous comments about it being too spicy and that the picture didn't make it look very appetizing. Well let me tell ya, real woman like spice ;-) and it is beautiful and appetizing. K!?

Here is my picture of Rotel on Steroids. That is James modelling for the picture, he couldn't keep his paws out of the stuff.

Should I try the bread pudding next?


Donna Boucher said...

I almost bought Velveta yesterday to make this...but then I figured my figure didn't need a ton of cheese and chips...this week :o)

I would make it without the jalepenos?
Did you use the jalepenos?

I'm glad your family liked it!!!

I love Ree's blog AND her recipes!
Few write as well as she does!

Janet said...

Jalepenos. Yes, of course.

And Owen's spicy sausage.

Donna Boucher said...

Did you know that ever since I had Katie my tongue is ultra sensitive?

What else did you have to eat?

Janet said...

That was the night I had Nancy, Carrie, Ashley and her boyfriend and Janice over.

We had Italian beef (your and Sue's famous recipe), Ruffles Potato chips, watermelon and Janice made two delicious salads; cold green bean salad with feta and purple onion and homemade cole slaw!

Nancy brought a DQ cake and we celebrated Carrie's birthday a little early.

janice said...

my tongue is very sensitive, too, the dip was yummy but "too spicy", I think it would be perfect without the jalepeno

yes!!! make the bread pudding, yum,

sis' cindy :) said...

YUM-O! I went to the website for the recipe and LOVED the pictures of HOW TO make the Queso!! Did Donna see that?? Very KEWL!

Cindy said...

Janet, This is the first time I have seen this website and I am sold!! What a wonderful idea. It may actually get me back in the kitchen.

I like it hot, too.

Robin said...

I also followed your sister's lead and boy am I glad I did! What a hoot that pioneer woman is!

Kim said...

Oooooo! That recipe looks de-lish! My sister calls Rotel "roy-tel". Not sure why. She also calls Reese's "reesies". Not sure why. Hey, girlie, my ex-blog has been taken over by someone else (already!!!). You might not want the link on your blog anymore. I'm still around, though! See?

Janet said...

Hi Kim! I'm so glad you'll be around a little.

Ree's sister in law calls Rotel..."Rotle" and that just cracks me up.

Thanks for coming by.

Donna Boucher said...

Who knew that Velveeta was the anti-christ???

Over at Cindy's everyone abhors it.

And how do you like how you get credit for finding PDub?

Kim said...

I love Velveeta! lol about "rotle"!

Janet said...

Is PDub, PW which stands for Pioneer Woman??? If so, this is very funny because our kids go to Northwest Christian School and the the junior boys nicknamed it NDub, NW for northwest. It was a huge hit and now everyone calls it NDub.

I like getting credit actually :) JK Anyone that knows me knows all my good blog and internet knowledge comes from you Donna. I think it's funny though how many people don't follow links and just comment.

I will admit that I only use Velveeta for the Rotel dip, can't really think of using it for anything else. It's like it was created for Rotel.

I feel like going over to Cindy's blog and mentioning Spam just to be sassy. No, I don't use it. UGH.

Donna Boucher said...

Yup. Pioneer Woman is P-Dub.
That's what she calls herself and Hyacinth/Cyndi call her.
Podcastin' Cyndi and Ree are best buds.

I only have velveeta for rotel too.
Maybe I will make that tonight.
Emma is having friends over.

Have a wonderful vacation!!!
Loveyou and travel safely!!

Kim said...

I wonder how fried Spam and Velveeta would taste together?