Thursday, June 14, 2007

He Said, She Said

We are heading out for our annual San Diego trip on Saturday morning.

Dave: Janet! Look at all of this junk. Don't you realize there are grocery stores in California too. Ralph's is right down the street.

Janet: Well! I don't want to spend my vacation in the grocery store. And anyway, the minute we pull our of our driveway someone will get hungry and thirsty. When we arrive you'll all need to go to the bathroom and stare at me looking for the TP and then someone will throw up and I'll need the paper towel and Children's Motrin. A teenager will get a bloody nose and need the box of Kleenex. Once we're done with the toilet, throwing up and Kleenex they'll head out to the beach and get burnt to a crisp without the sunscreen . They will be hungry and thirsty again and can eat Trail Mix and drink Capri Sun because that is just how we eat at the beach. And oh, the Diet Coke? Don't you even go there, dear Dave.


Haircuts with cousin Ashley!


Donna Boucher said...

You are a good girlscout!
Always prepared!

I love seeing a picture of Ashley!!!
Hi Ashley!
Hi girls!

So cute, all!!!

Dana said...

Kudos to Janet!!

I H.A.T.E. to spend my *vacation* in the grocery store. I, too, shop ahead of time in my own town, especially because the grocery store in Pine Mtn is teeny.

Dana in GA

sis' cindy :) said...

I LOVE family pictures!!!! It looks like long hair is I-N!! My hair is shoulder length...with layers!!! HUGE move for me!!

Janice said...

you'ld think that would be a fun, packing the car, engineering feat for Dave

janice said...

every night you should make a grocery list for Dave, he can go early in the morning...solves many problems

j said...

that green is such a good color for Hannah!!

Amy said...

I'm just glad to know that you're drinking D.C. again. I felt so lonely.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great haircuts by a sweet cousin! Have a wonderful time at the beach. Good shopping sister, I'm with you on being prepared! Sister Sue

Donna Boucher said...

Did you see Ree's recipe today?
Have Mercy!

Janet said...

Have mercy is right! Wow.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!! I am so EXCITED about Cali!!!! Cant wait! :)
<3 Dani