Monday, June 25, 2007

Back To Life

We are home from our annual trip to Oceanside, California. We had perfect weather, no one got sick or injured so I consider it a success! I have hit the floor running as they say and we are back to our busy summer routine of swim team, volleyball clinic and basketball. I have also been catching up on the laundry and unpacking. We made a trip to Costco today and filled the house with food so we are good to go, now I just need to cook something.

Here are a few pictures of our trip.


sis' cindy :) said...

Yea pictures!!! Who ae all the cuties with your children??

Missed you this weekend!

Janet said...

Those cuties were our housemates. Our two families do very well together, we each have 5 children with many the same age or close. Their mommy is expecting #6 in August, she was a real trooper. We went out for DQ last night so I guess we are still friends even after spending a week together. tee hee.

Donna Boucher said...

Gee, I thought I commented last night when I saw these! Did you erase it? Am I banned from your site?

I love the pics! Your children are really growing up and they are darling!!!

I'll bet it's weird having them home all day now :o)
Just think, it used to be like that all the time :o)

Love you!

Janice said...

great pics, I can hear you telling Hannah, "stand closer"...I love seeing the sweatshirts
do you have any photos standing at waters edge back to the house? the one of Sarah gives a good idea, but I wanna see how close the water is...

janice said...

Hi Donna!!!

we posted at the same time,
'fun with the internet'

Donna Boucher said...

hi janice!
we're twins :o)

Janet said...

I would never ban one of my two readers.

Don't know what happened to the comment.