Friday, June 08, 2007

Kim and Aggie

These two ladies are the Simon Cowell of house cleaning!

Well, they are the sweet version.

I love them and we are hooked on the show How Clean Is Your House?

We recently got DVR on our Directv system and Dani is recording every episode for us. We watch and laugh and cringe and on occasion my stomach turns, seriously, some people live like slobs!! Hannah said that the people on the show make us look near perfect. :) I do wish Kim and Aggie would pay me a little visit and help me whip my laundry room and office area in to shape!

I love their English and Scottish accents and their bold remarks about the utter filth that they find these people living in. I took notes last night.

Here is an example of what they say and how they phrase it.....

Lovey, look at all of this rubbish!

Look at this absolute filth.

How can you live in this vile state?

When was the last time you tidied up this place?

This stench is bloody horrible.

Your loo is wretched, lovey.

I have never seen such grime.

That smell is just putrid, chap!

Don't you own a dust bin?

Get me some washing up liquid, quickly.

We watch the show on
BBC America
and I just discovered it is also on
Lifetime TV
. I'll be sure to let Dani know so she can record those also.

Here is a little more information on the darling hosts, if you must know more.

I'm searching the net for the fancy rubber gloves they wear. I'll be sure to let you know if I find them, lovey. :)


janice said...

well, I love anything on BBC...I think I saw this when I had digital cable

Donna Boucher said...

You guys crack me up!
What happened to cash cab?

Janice said...

Do they make you want to clean? Whenever the cleaning lady has been here at work, it makes me want to go home and clean!!!

Janet said...

Yes, they do. They also share very helpful ideas and they love to use natural products; lemon, potatoes, vodka etc. Aggie always makes cleaning charts and schedules for the people when she leaves. Aggie is the one with the Scotish accent, it is very interesting.

Lynn in WI said...

Hi Janet,

See? I do too read your blog (and not just when Donna's on vacation!)

For some reason (having nothing to do with dial-up, I'm sure) it takes forever to load.

Yes. Now I understand the lovey business. If I had cable think of the things I would know! I would be completely addicted to such a show. I think I saw these two on Oprah once. Is that possible?

Let us know if you find the gloves, lovey. :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen this show, and they go to some really awful places. They're funny gals! Hey janet, you guys should think about going to Lost Valley Ranch in colorado with your kids some soon as Lauren can ride (5 I think) We've been 3 times. Our favorite vacation in the world. Sister Sue the anonymous blogger

Amy said...

Janet, I was in Sur La Table this morning and saw "Gloveables". I looked them up and found this website that sells them:

Have fun!


Janet said...

Amy! How funny. We have a Sur La Table around here, I've just never been to one. Thank you and good work. :)

Lynn in WI said...

You have Sur la Table and you've never been there?? For shame, lovey.