Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Fun!!

Blogger lost a post last night that took me an hour to pull together. It included many links. Ugh. I'll try again later when I have more time (to waste).

So today you get pictures. Pictures of our recent trip to Munds Park, AZ., just south of Flagstaff. It is only 2 hours north of here and a 5000+ ft. elevation change. I love living in Arizona. We may not get the typical seasons here in Phoenix but we are only 2 hours from the beautiful mountains up north and 6 hours to the beach. My family is very happy with mountains and beaches, even if we have to hop in the car.

We knew Flag was expecting snow but WOW! we didn't know we'd be driving in a blizzard. The last 30 miles of our drive was treacherous. Cars were spinning off the road, DPS flying down the freeways with lights and sirens, cars in ditches and 8 people in our Suburban sitting quietly and praying. We stopped at one point to help a lady who spun out right in front of us and was alone in the car. Dave had our vehicle in 4WD and drove 25 MPH. We breathed a big sigh of relief when we pulled off the freeway at our exit. It is then that Dave started playing around and fishtailing the truck in the snow and ice. Goof.

Dani on the night we arrived.

Hannah on the night we arrived.

James and his friend Trevor.

Sarah being silly.

Lauren and her little friend Amber. Aren't they CUTE!!!

It was 19 degrees below zero (-19) on Sunday morning. Dave thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

We are so thankful to the Lord for this cabin, it belongs to Dave's grandmother and we are allowed to use it any time we want.


Donna Boucher said...

That really is remarkable that you can live in a warm climate and drive to a place where it is that snowy! I think I would like that very much :o)
And the beach part sounds really cool too. I love the ocean! The sound, the smell. Yum.

Glad you were safe and that you had a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time in Arizona. Did you have all those kids in your car with you, or did another family drive up behind you! Yikes. And in a blizzard! Looks fabulous. You could be in Missouri where we have been having some wicked weather. Didn't you have sleet or flurries in Phoenix today or yesterday? I thought I heard that on the weather channel. ttfn. Sister Sue

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Janet said...

We had only Trevor with us on Friday night. Trevor's family came up for the day on Saturday...that's where Amber comes in...

Amy said...

19 below? That's just crazy. I'd be pretty thankful for the cabin right about then, too.

Glad you had fun - everyone looks happy!

sis' cindy said...

I love your family pictures!! This looks like an amazing family adventure!

Anonymous said...

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