Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A rambling sort of post...

Image by Judy M. Johnson

I've tried different laundry systems but mine works best for me (right now anyway). What is my systems you ask? It's called The Blitz! I would rather take a day (or two) and devote it to washing, drying, folding and ironing rather than a few loads/ day. The clean folded laundry goes in to separate baskets and then delivered to the bedrooms. Sometimes my children live out of baskets. Ah, well, now you know we are far from perfect ;-) On a good day they put their clothes in the proper place.

In the last few days I guess I have done at least 10 loads of laundry. Two separate loads of towels. Ugh, towels....that's another post.

My girlfriend has a great system that works for her. She has the children bring the laundry down every day to a central area and she does a few loads each day. At the end of the day she sends it back upstairs with the kiddos.

Did you remember that I'm a Tide and Bounce and Clorox snob? Yup, that's all I'll use. I will buy generic on some products but not my laundry detergent. My clothes, especially my whites, just don't seem as clean when I use cheap detergent.

Since this is a rambling post about laundry I thought I'd tell you that we are thrilled with our Kenmore front loaders. We've had them for 3 1/2 years and have not experienced one problem. Too bad I bought them before these were out.

How cute is that?! It's blue.

Oh, and if you buy these dandy front loaders I strongly suggest buying the stand. I don't like bending down, unless of course I'm exercising but I haven't been doing much of that so we won't go there either.

Don't you think I should buy that picture at the top of my post and decorate my laundry room around it? Sooooo pretty.

One more thing. I cannot discuss the sock situation here. I am about to pull
a Cindy.


Kelli said...

Well, we have what we call "a laundry sickness" that runs in my family--it's very sad! We NEED to do a load a day, we will go looking for something, anything to wash just to do a load!! Crazy, huh!?!
But,I didn't know that even you ladies with a bunch of girls have the sock problem...I thought it was just a boy thing!!!
'Cuz I DEFINITELY have a sock issue here in this house!!

Cindy said...

I love our front loader but every time someone I know gets a new one it always seems cuter than mine. I can't wait to see what I can get when this one wears out.

Anonymous said...

I too have the front loaders. I love that the doors open in opposite directions for easy movement from washer to dryer. One small problem I have is a musty smell in my washer sometimes. I think I have figured out it comes from the sun shining on the damp door front, I just get a clorox wipe and give the inside of the door a good wiping. There is an additional extra on the new frontloaders....I think it mists your clothes in the dryer to help get out wrinkles....something like that....anyway, it seems like a cool addition. Yes I would definately get that poster for your laundry room...Too darling. sister sue (who doesn't know how to log in, so I remain anonymous.)P.s. My helpful hint is to "hire" one of your children who is in need of a little extra money and have them fold and sort laundry for 50 cents a basket. Jeffrey did this for years. Very helpful

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the poster...get it!!!! LOVE the colors!! I too am a cleaning supply snob!! I have tried ERA and do like it but always go back to my TIDE!

P.S. Sue...click on other, go to NAME... drop down and type what you want to be called! VIOLA...no more ANONYMOUS!! ;)

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh...look! That is me...sis' cindy that came up ANON! and here I was telling SUe how to not be ANON!!!:)

Donna Boucher said...

I have heard the musty smell is from bubbles under the tub from using too much soap.

sis' cindy :) said...

Jan...did you fall in that big 'ol washing machine of yours?? Where did you go?? :)

I was watching OPRAH and Gale was talking about a pizza place in Phoenix...? people wait in line for hours...it is brick oven tyoe pizza...NO pepperoni..no call ins... Hvve you heard of it? Had it??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janet said...

Cindy (sis), maybe the place she is referring to is Oregano's. We gave up eating there....hard to seat a party of 7 in a 12 square foot restuarant. And I can bake my own yummy chocolate chip/icecream dessert as well as they can. Pffft. Can you tell that place frustrates me? :)

We are alive and well. I just don't feel like posting.

We spent the long weekend in Flag. Drove up in a blizzard and played in 6 inches of fresh snow all weekend. Life is good.

sis' cindy :) said...

OK...the name was not Oregano...it was a freestanding buidling, goldish looking, some guys name with Bistro maybe!??

We are home today due to ice.

Donna Boucher said...

Janet and Cindy,

I just did a search on Oprah's site and found the name of the pizza that Gail loved. It is called

Pizzeria Bianco

Thought you'd like to know :o)


Janet said...

Never heard of it. But what do I know, out here on The West Side just doin my housework? :-)

sis' cindy :) said...

Hey...that's it!! Thanks! ;)

Hi Jan! What is going on?

Donna Boucher said...

Janet, you blogging slacker,
I just noticed that Dave Black linked to your page.
You are famous!
Now tell us what you're doing way out there in the wild, wild west!!!!

Janet said...

Oh Donna, I'm speechless. I had no idea. I even have a rough draft saved about Dave Black online. I wrote it tonight. Wow.

Donna Boucher said...

I'm glad I spotted it, Janet :o)
I do not usually go to his site...and it was just a fluke.
And there was his link to little you :o)


Janet said...

He's worth a daily visit, indeed.