Sunday, January 28, 2007

Health, This and That

I didn't say anything but I did The Cleanse again a few weeks ago. Dave and I did it together. I planned on cleansing for 7 days and I made it but I was not in the right frame of mind. I was grumpy. Poor children. I am excited to say though that I have been off Diet Coke, Nutrasweet and caffeine (for the most part) for three weeks. I will have an occasional iced tea at lunch (at home it's decaf) if I am craving something other than boring water. Instead of adding a packet of Sweet and Low I add a small amount of real sugar. I figure the real stuff is better for me than the who-knows-what-it-does-to-you fake stuff. So, I'm very excited to be off of Diet Coke.

I also purchased 10 pounds of fresh, frozen, wild, Alaskan salmon. My friend Margie made it possible to purchase this through someone she met. He fishes the salmon himself, processes it and flash freezes it within 24 hours. (Margie, correct me if I'm wrong on any of this info.) The salmon was unbelievably delicious. It was bright pink, salmon (duh) colored and had no fishy odor.

I also purchased two, one pound packs of his fresh, frozen, grass fed, antibiotic free ground beef. It too was delicious. I think I am about to buy a cow!! One quarter of a cow anyway. He raises them near the eastern part of New Mexico and processes it just over the border in Texas.

Raw, I cannot go there yet ladies. ;-) I have to wonder if we should be drinking large amounts of milk in the first place. My long time friend and pediatrician told me years ago that: "milk is overrated, it's all about the Dairy Council". I cannot get those words out of my mind. My children drink a relatively small amount of milk. I buy 2% at Costco. I know three people who read this blog who have strong and opposite opinions about MILK so if you get into a debate make sure it is friendly. hehehe.

I didn't make the pasta this weekend like I thought. My minestrone soup was fabulous and I had a thawed roast in the refrigerator so I made that instead. I hope to make the pasta very soon. I'll report back when I do....

I have a sore throat and terrible cough. I don't usually get a cough so this is very strange for me. I'm quite uncomfortable and dread trying to sleep tonight. I went straight to bed after church today and that is why I'm up at 10:57 blabbing on my blog. I've taken high doses of vitamin C and several capsules of cayenne pepper. Did you know cayenne pepper is an excellent mucus eliminator? I learned that in my cleanse book. I also plan on heading for the Vick's, I love that stuff.

My little Lauren is sick too. She ran a fever all evening and is quite hot right now, I just checked. I knew something was up this afternoon when out of the blue she asked if we could cuddle. I promptly put my iron down and sat with her on the couch, she was hot and needed mommy.

That's all for now, which is actually a lot for me, isn't it?

Have a great Monday.


Donna Boucher said...

Get well soon, Janet and Lauren!

Marilu Henner says milk is for baby cows to gain 400 pounds in a few months. Not for people.
I don't love it is easy to let go of...but cheese...that is another story!

Amy said...


I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

I think it was quite a score for you to get that salmon! We have a family nearby who raises natural beef, so we have that pretty available.

We don't drink a lot of milk either, but I have no issues with it being evil. I would not drink raw, unless I actually milked the cow myself.

I feel sad that you've dropped Diet Coke. Like I've lost a bond with you or something.

Have a great day, and you and Lauren feel better.


Janice, a sis said...

ok, well you knew I would chime in on the dairy...I don't think we need it, I don't believe it builds strong bones !!!! it is all advertising !!! cows don't even drink milk after they're grown, and what do they eat to make milk? grass and grains, I have really tried to make changes for my family, it is hardest on Spencer who loves to drink galsses and glasses of milk, but he is also the one who it bothers the most ( I won't go into the gorrie details)as soon as he drinks a big glass of water, he doesn't want it anymore...

J-, good luck today !! hope you don't get 'the headache"

margie said...

I just read about a great remedy for coughs on the web. Works every time....RAW MILK !!!!:-)

Don't tell me I am a brat. I already know it !

P.S. I will post later about your other comments.

Janet said...

I really do want to hear your 2 cents Margie. A few internet links would be helpful too.

You're not a brat!!

Amy, we ARE bonded!! We've met in real life!! That counts for something. I will always have a love for DC, don't worry.

sis' cindy :) said...

Janet and Lauren...wishing you both well!!

Please clarify RAW MILK!?? I am going to assuem it is NOT pasturized?

Margie...I giggled when I read your remedy for the cough! You are sassy!

margie said...

Here's my two cents. Please do not ask for change...I will be heartbroken if you do. I am not a fan of milk...never have been, but hubby thinks it is okay and does not mind if the boys drink it. Also, cereal and milk makes an awfully easy breakfast. So, I have always been looking for the "best" milk because I did not think milk was good for my boys to begin with.

I cannot remember when I first read about raw milk and the benefits, but I did find raw goat's milk when Josh was being weaned. Samuel received raw cow's milk after nursing. So, my beliefs go back several years.

I have always been on the lookout for raw milk and was very excited to begin receiving again it last spring. I feel strongly about milk products being raw but not to the point that I would ever bring it up in conversation. I only bring it up to Dave (Janet's hubby) because I love to tease him about milk. Our milk and sunscreen jokes have been going on for years. (Janet, can we please have a post about sunscreen tomorrow?)

As I said, I feel strongly about our family drinking raw milk but not anyone else's family. I think it is a matter of preference. But you did ask for some links. I have one that I think is the best: Sally Fallon's book Eat Fat Lose Fat is an eye opening look into our food supply and diet.

I used to be a HUGE believer in supplements. I thought that we could not get all of our vitamins and minerals from our food supply. I still think that is true if we eat the typical American diet from the typical grocery store. But I now think that we can get a very healthy diet with all the nutrients we need if we are willing to spend more money and more time looking for good food. That's where the salmon and beef come in. I'm still working on the chickens....

Was that nice????

Janet said...

That was very nice and informative :) Thanks for the link.

Don't you all think Margie needs her own blog?!

margie said...

Me again. I am not done pontificating. To clarify...I am not receiving raw milk again...I am "paying through the nose" for raw milk again.

Also, one of the biggest issues people have with raw milk is the concern about bacteria in the milk. Raw milk dairy farmers have more enemies than an ASU fan on the U of A campus. The United Dairy Association is constantly trying to shut down farmers who produce and distribute raw milk. So, I believe because of the constant criticism, raw milk farmers are constantly looking over their shoulder. They are more stringent in the production and cleanliness of their milk.

BUT, if a bacteria should make its way into my milk and kill least I will be healthy when I die. :-)

Janet said...

Love the football analogy! Go Cats.

I've been too sick today to visit the webpage you suggest. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Thanks for your input, Margie.

Janice, a sis said...

I have been that ASU fan in a sea of UofA fans...I even had the nerve to wear my colors...

thanks for the helpful info, I agree, breakfast has been a tough one without milk, but we are adjusting