Friday, September 08, 2006

Sweet Baby James

Happy 13th Birthday James!!

James entered this world weighing 9' 13 oz.


And he was my first all natural delivery. I'm ok, really I am. But I will never forget the moment of his birth and the days that followed. :-)

He is a strong strappin' boy now. He is as tall as I am and will pass me quickly I'm sure.

James has requested Chili's for dinner and mint chocolate chip icecream pie for dessert.

Dearest James, stay close to Jesus and in all you do give glory of God! I love you. Mom


Donna Boucher said...

Hi James! Happy Birthday! Your card is sitting on my counter...getting a few spots on it!

Hope you have a great day! AND a great dinner....I don't suppose you will be eating lettuce wraps???

Probably fajitas, right!?

Dana said...

Handsome fellow!!

More redheads in this gene pool than I've ever seen!

Donna Boucher said...

Everytime I come back to visit...I see another great picture!!!


Post away dear little sis!

Margie said...

Happy Birthday, James!!!!!

From the Stefanski's

Janet said...

Donna, I spent hours trying to scan the first picture, Dani helped me when she got home from school. It took her less than 4 minutes. I discovered we don't have enough pictures of James, it took me forever to find the one of him in our front yard. Note to self: take pictures of dear James.

Dana, I ended up with 2/5 redheads, all the rest are brunettes.

Hi Margie :)

Cindy said...


I had a baby in Phoenix about 20 years ago and I have almost an identical picture of me holding him outside our apartment. I think I even look like you in the picture even though you are much younger :)

Happy Birthday to James!

Jessie said...

(I'm just a little l8 to comment on the blog, sorry. lol)

Happy Birthday James, thank you for being such an awesome friend to me. And for being a great friend and encouragement to Josh.


Jessie said...

LOLOLOL we have a picture of Josh doing almost the exact same pose as James. I'll send it to U Mrs. Walworth. lol