Tuesday, April 25, 2006


"Springtime" by Claude Monet


by Robert McCracken

Today is the day when bold kites fly,
When cumulus clouds roar across the sky.
When robins return, when children cheer,
When light rain beckons spring to appear.

Today is the day when daffodils bloom,
Which children pick to fill the room,
Today is the day when grasses green,
When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen.


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
~Margaret Atwood


It is lovely here in Arizona right now. I plan on taking the little girls to the park tomorrow. We are going to enjoy Spring! And they will smell like dirt!


Donna Boucher said...

Just beautiful, Just Janet :o)

Enjoy the green and the daffodils and the dirt.

Janet said...

No daffodils in sight but my neighbor has beautiful iris' in her front yard!

Thank you.

Dana said...

I like your entry composition. Picture, poem, comment. It has a flow....like Donna's. I just WANT to scroll down. As she writes in short sentences, she creates an invitation to keep reading, which I dont find on blogs with *big paragraghs*. Must be her communication major, hope that's right, and her photographer skills :)
Hope she sees this comment here.
I actually stopped by to see if you, Janet, were going to give us a day five update.
Will check in tomorrow.
Dana in GA

Jessie said...

Awww, James and Josh will have a great time at the park, that will be a treat for them.

lololol Just Kidding!

Carmon Friedrich said...

Hi Janet!

I have that picture hanging on the wall of my bedroom. It's in a beautiful gilt frame hanging over the dresser. I found it in a thrift store.

I love finding buried treasure!

Ditto on the short sentences.