Friday, April 28, 2006

Cleanse Update

Inquiring minds, like Dana, want to know! :)

I'm on day 5 of my cleanse and other than the obvious, like I can't eat food, it is going extremely well. I have lost 8.5 (I have a digital scale, ok? and every fraction of a pound matters) pounds and I am feeling great. I have followed the cleanse exactly as it is outlined in the book. I drink the tea at night, the salt water in the morning and my yummy lemonade ALL day long. The first three days of the cleanse I suffered headaches in the afternoon. I think they were from the lack of caffeine and the toxins that were being released in my body. I have been able to workout three times this week but due to the headaches I took it a little easy on things that would rattle my head. I noticed today that I became very fatigued while doing an exercise that involved a large muscle group (quads, hamstring and gluts). I don't think I have enough juice to work the large muscles.

One more thing I want to share....I have been known to take three Advil at a time to get rid of a bad headache (shameful, I know). The other day I was feeling discouraged about my headaches and knew it would be better to take an Advil than to give up the whole cleanse. So I took one Advil, it worked immediately and the headache was completely gone. I credit the cleanse for the effectiveness of the Advil. I have also heard of people who are on major meds being able to adjust the dosage or go off them completely. Amazing.

Another friend is doing this with me and having a buddy is making all the difference in the world. We are suffering together. ;-) She is losing as fast as I am, in fact, she thinks this is a competition. Bring it on, girl!!



Donna Boucher said...

I would do this in a second if I were not worried that I would have another bowel obstruction when I started back on solids.

I can't risk a liquid diet again!

I am so happy for you Janet. Eight and 1/2 pounds is amazing!

The last time I went to Weight Watchers I lost twelve pounds in TWENTY WEEKS!!!!

Good for you!
How long will you do this???

Janet said...

The book outlines how carefully you must reintroduce food back in to your diet, starting with fresh squeezed orange juice. It takes 3 days until you are ready for solid food. Besides the weight loss success, this is what has kept me on this cleanse. It is dangerous at this point to go grab a burger or pig out on pizza.

I will probably stop on Wednesday.

Dy said...

Wow. I'm really proud of you for seeing this through, and thanks for the update, too. I've been praying for you during your cleanse.

Congrats on the weight loss - but, wow, that's a lot to lose so quickly. Do you feel woozy? Gosh, you need to update daily b/c I worry. Yeah, me, Mold Lady, worries about you, Lemonade Lady. Be good to yourself, and seriously, update regularly, ok? ;-)


Janet said...

Dearest Mold Lady, all is well. I don't feel woozy, really. I feel quite normal, except at meal time :) I'm so happy the headaches are gone, that was a real bummer and my weakness during my workout was rather noticable and unpleasant. During my normal walking around, doing endless loads of laundry and keeping up with the kiddos I feel normal. Thank you for praying, Dy. I really appreciate it.

Dana said...

Thanks so much for the update. I am intrigued by this idea of cleansing/fasting. Still doing well on my reduction plan. Walked 3.5 miles with DH yesterday! He's training for a hiking trip, so he carried his pack. Funny to see of walking the park that way :)

Janet said...

Dana, does your husband have an opinion on cleanses? (he's a MD, right?)