Thursday, April 20, 2006


My daughter is almost 14 and her friend, Jessie, is 14 so I made this PG-15. Pass this one up girls or ask your parents and discuss it with them. :)

I really think this should be read by young people who have their parent's permission and are mature enough to handle this sort of information. Young people need to be told about the consequences of sin, not try to figure it out on their own. So, in our household this is PG-14/15. It may not be the case in yours but I wanted to give you fair warning.

Frank Turk aka CenturiOn aka a Pyromaniac team member linked to this article by Ann Coulter. She says some very bold things and I happen to think she is spot on.

She really should not refer to our Savior as "that Christ fellow" though. Otherwise, I agree with her wholeheartedly.

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Dana said...

Right on the money, but a little crass. Anne's that way.
One of my *rules* for my daughters involves no driving alone after dark and a curfew of 11:45pm. Nothing *good* happens between 12a and 6a, so stay inside!!
Dana in GA
PS So, my high school senior daughter was NOT happy with her parents when she was NOT allowed to attend the post prom party which STARTED at 12:30a.