Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lauren and Libman

I just finished mopping the kitchen, something I don't do nearly enough!

Lauren walked up to me while I was mopping and with a little whine said

"Mama, my body hurts".

I am suspicious because she happens to love the taste of medicine and vitamins. I am just sure she is indirectly asking for one or the other.

I respond "ok baby, tell me how it hurts".

she says "well, my body hurts inside my head".

I say with a giggle "Oh really, your body hurts inside you head, that's interesting, do you think you are a little hungry, would you like a yogurt?"

She decides a key lime yogurt sounds delicious and I continue my mopping. About 10 minutes pass and she comes back to me crying and says:

"Mama, will you make me a bed on the couch?"

ding.ding.ding. light bulb now on. finally looking up from the mop.

I go to her and kiss her forehead. She's burning up and her body inside her head still hurts. Bravo Mama! :(

About the mop. Have you ever tried one of these?

It is indeed a Wonder!


Classical Home said...

I love that mop.
I keep three mop heads and rotate them through the laundry.
There's always a clean one waiting to mop up a spill.


sis' cindy :) said...

Dear Janet...you learned from a Pro...our Dear sweet Nancy...you have to be dying before she would believe you needed attention! ;)

My new favorite household cleaning supplies are Swiffer products! LOVE.LOVE,LOVE the dusting sheets on my wood floors and the wet mop sheets that can go on the same mophead. I even have the carpet flicker for our sons small bedroom area rug! FAB-U-LOUS!

Wishing you well... Lauren!

Donna Boucher said...

How is Lauren feeling today?

Janet said...

She was up once last night. Her temp was 103.5! She is having a quiet day on the couch. Thankful it is not the stomach flu (or if it is it is a light case).

Dominion Family said...

I am gonna get that mop.

I am hearing of a lot of sickness going around. I hope it is the same stuff we already had in February.

Dana said...

I think I will try one, too. And I like the idea of having several on hand.
Dana in GA

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