Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Nancy (sister) took me and my children out to lunch and then we window shopped around The Biltmore. If you know anything about The Biltmore you'll know why we only 'window shopped'. I'll give you a little hint: 5 children 13 and under, Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Saks Fifth Avenue and Oilily (whatever that is). I had to keep explaining why we were there. "Because it's a beautiful day and this is a beautiful outdoor mall with very special stores", "we're window shopping" "we're taking a little walk" "we're here to see the lovely poinsettias and glorious gardens" and they respond "what, no Costco" "where is Target"? Poor Nancy, she's used to shopping alone in peace and quiet.

We were right in front of Cartier when Lauren ran ahead of us, went around the corner and who did she see? Santa Clause, the real, live Santa strolling right in her direction. She stopped dead in her tracks, stared and turned to me and ran in to my arms. I, of course, was tickled by the excitement and took her to say hello to St. Nick. She was very cute, friendly and happy to shake his hand. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said.....are you ready for this, we live in Arizona afterall, "snow clothes". "Lauren, did you say snow clothes?" I asked "Yes, mommy, I want snow clothes from Santa". Allrighty then. I am so confused, why would this little 3 yo girl want snow clothes for Christmas. Well, Santa better get busy. She also added they should be pink and purple.

We had a nice discussion at Cindy's blog about Santa. We don't do Santa in our house. We think he is a nice historical figure and we share that with the kids but he doesn't come down our chimney and leave gifts for our children. My husband works too hard to give a strange man all the credit ;-) We enjoy traditional stories, movies and little surprise visits. And we do our best to teach our children not to say outloud "Santa is dead"!


Dani said...

That was VERY funny!!

Jess said...

Well, if you are going to get her "Snow clothes" then you better be planning on going to the cabin a lot this winter, because I see no sign of snow here at home! lol

Dominion Family said...

That was a very good point about your husband working too hard to share the credit!!