Tuesday, December 13, 2005

For Katie

Hi Katie!

We enjoy seeing pictures of you on your mommy's blog so I thought I would post this for you. Girl cousins are a wonderful thing, don't you think? Lauren is 3 and Sarah is 7.

They say "Hello and Merry Christmas, Katie"!

We miss you.
Love Auntie Janet


Donna Boucher said...

Katie says, "Why can't we see them?"

Yeah. Why oh why?

The girls look so pretty in their pink sweaters!!! Is that a mini preview of the Christmas card?

Look at that cute twinkle in Sarah's eyes!
And well...Lauren looks just like our Nancy!

"Hi Cousins! I miss you too!!!"
Love Katie and her mommy

Jess said...

The girls are so cute!

Sarah is getting soooo big now! I remember when she was a tiny little baby! lol

Janet said...

Jess, I have pictures of you holding baby Sarah. You look like a baby yourself (in the pictures).

Donna, that is a mini preview of the Christmas picture.

Donna Boucher said...

I am going to keep coming back to look at your darling girls....

I like to click on the picture to make it big. Their eyebrows are prefect!

Did you know I have a thing about eyebrows?

Dominion Family said...

My Emily would die for a sister but enjoys her two girl cousins immensely. ( She has lots of cousins but only 2 near her age.)

I wish my digital camera would start working!! I always get so jealous of all Donna's pictures and now you!

Anonymous said...

What a couple of cuties! you have yourself a genuine glyman and a genuine walworth there don't you. Both precious as can be. Can't wait to see the whole group. I don't know how you do it Janet. It's all I can do to coordinate 3!love sue

Janet said...

Sue, you nailed it. Sarah looks exactly like Dave's Mom, she's even petite. Lauren looks like Hannah who I think looks like ME :) (and Nancy)

Donna, I'm so glad you like their eyebrows! Their eyebrows do look fabulous in that picture. I worked really hard plucking and brushing. joke

Cindy, Emily will be very well prepared for marriage and that is a very good thing. I'm still trying to figure the male species out.

sister cindy :) said...

Oh how cute!!!! I can't wait to see the whole group!!

My wreath is making my house smell SO Christmasy!!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

I bet I do look little!lol That was a long time ago. :o)

Coffee and a Muffin said...

What sweeties!

Hannah said...

Loz looks so cute with her arm around Sarah.

When are you going to post the real Christmas picture?