Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Good Excuse, Girls

I have been busy and out of town. Here's the rundown.


Symphony with the children
Company Christmas dinner
Laundry and cleaning


Music at the mall, piano performance
Annual Christmas Party (not at our house)
Laundry and cleaning


Pack 7 people, going in 4 different directions
Laundry and cleaning
Fly to Long Beach
Check in to hotel
Drive north to Grace Community Church
Meet up with long time friends, he is the executive pastor at Grace.
Miss meeting Dr. MacArthur because he is in the prayer room. Imagine that. Humph.
Say hello to the security guards.
Headache beginning.
Worship the Lord Jesus through song and the Word. I'll attempt to share the sermon, but I want my husbands help and approval.
Drive further north to D and J's house.
Headache now unbearable and beginning to feel nauseous.
Attempt to eat the dinner graciously provided by our hosts, asked to be excused to the couch so I can close my eyes and try to get over this horrible headache.
Friends join me in the family room and we visit (I listen and sass something back every once in a while)
Drive back to Long Beach and collapse in the bed disappointed and sad that I felt so bad I could not enjoy our visit.


Tour The Queen Mary, yes we saw ghosts. ;-)
Lunch at Islands, yum
Walk around, shopping and exploring downtown Long Beach
Take a little nap
Dinner at Bubba Gumps, SHRIMP!!
See "Walk the line", great movie and brilliant acting. I love Reese W., isn't she cute?


Dave attends meeting, the real reason we came.
I Christmas shop at local mall.
I actually attend 45 minutes of a meeting
Fly home
Greet precious children waiting for us and tuck everyone into their own beds.
I'm happy and headache free.

Thank you Lord for bringing us back together, safe and sound.

Some of you know I am a late bloomer. I am finally reading, start to finish, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". The movie comes out on the 9th and I didn't want to see it without reading it for myself. Now, what should I do about "Pride and Prejudice"? I'll never be able to finish that book while the movie is still in the theaters. Should I see it anyway?

Have a blessed day!


Donna Boucher said...
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Janet said...

The church is not in the nicest of neighborhoods and I'm sure they don't want just anyone walking up to his office for a little visit. The security guards were standing near the stairs and entrance of his office. I'm sure he is not always loved for his strong (Biblical) views.

Hannah said...

Mom, once December starts we seem to get real bussy! Can u tell? lol Man last weekend I was so tired.
See Ya

Dominion Family said...

Janet, You can read P&P in 3 days! It really is an easy read.

Sorry about the headache, but the trip sounded fun.

Jess said...

I'm glad your back Mrs.Walworth!!

Lucky! You got to go to Bubba Gumps! We went there in Hawaii, and I loved it, I got a really good OREO shake...yummy! I didn't know that they had one in CA.

Pride and Prejudice is really an easy read. It took me a month though, because the middle part of the book I found to be very borring.....but then again I'm only a kid, so..... lol But I could have read it much faster if I had really wanted to. :o)
But I really loved the ending. It was a good book over-all. And I want to read "Sense and Sensibility."

As long as you know who Sponge-Bob and Napoleon Dynamite are, I don't think your to much of a late bloomer! lol

Janet said...

Jess, I know who those goofs (SB & ND) are and that makes me HIP and COOL! ;-)

Jess said...

Right on! lol