Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Peoria Pyros!

You probably already know how much I like the Pyromaniacs site. It is a daily stop for me and if the comments are flowing I return many times to check-in. The four Pyros are great. They are theological deep, witty, charming (?), intelligent and oh so funny! I have been known to laugh out loud on many occasions. One thing I don't know about Phil Johnson and his gang is if they can cook!?

Let me tell you about some real life pyromaniacs that are cooking up a storm. They are the Peoria, Arizona Fire Department pyromaniacs! (Josh's dad has been with the department for 20 years). Ever since my friends returned home from the hospital with their 12 year old son, Joshua (recently diagnosed with cancer) the Peoria Pyros have been cooking for them. So far they have provided chili, beef brisket/roast and last night my friends enjoyed chicken enchiladas. They have set up a schedule and several different stations are providing the dinners. Firemen know food! And apparently they know GOOD food.

Firemen also appear to have very big and generous hearts. My friends are overwhelmed by this gesture of kindness. The Peoria Pyros send Josh's dad an email and let him know whose bringing what and when. They won't take no for an answer. Wives of firemen are showing up with groceries and the department has made arrangements at the hospital so my friends don't have to pay for food at the cafeteria. Now that's what I call community and selfless love.

It is wonderful to sit back and watch this community pull together for Josh and his family.

These Peoria Pyros are my new heroes, sorry Phil. :)


Ruthanne said...

Oh, what they've been doing for Joshua's family is wonderful.

Firefighters are amazing people. I love them. Such a noble profession. My brother (in a different part of Arizona) is a fireman, policeman, EMT and Air Rescue guy all rolled into one (thanks for letting me brag about him a bit :).) Our little Julian (age 5) is our resident fireman here in our home.

I have tremendous respect for firefighters and am thankful for how your Peoria Pyros are blessing Joshua and his family.

sis' cindy :) said...


Donna Boucher said...

Now, that's wonderful!