Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Conquering Cancer

A very creative and thoughtful friend of our family and Josh's family decided that Josh needed to go back to Phoenix Children's in style. This is what showed up in front of his house to give him a ride.

Can you make that out? It's a monster truck limo! He is standing at the top with the orange shirt on and those are his friends who escorted him to the hospital. They all piled inside; Josh, his friends, his parents and our friend who organized the whole thing. On the way down to the hospital they played games. One game involved a spoon, a pingpong and a cup and the other was similar to "Fear Factor" where if a child got a question wrong they had to eat from a cup of vegetable goolash. (Josh's family has begun juicing vegetables and that's where that game came from, see, I told you he was creative!)

Josh has had two good days down at the hospital. Today could be tough and the family would covet your prayers for him.

Please pray that his body handles the chemo well and that it is effective. Please pray for the doctors and nurses that care for Josh. Please thank God for the many blessings our friends are receiving! Pray for his parents, that they would be able to handle the next several months with the abundent grace of God.

Thank you!


Janice, a sis said...

so amazing!! I love that the truck was so big it coudn't fit in the picture

Donna Boucher said...

A monster truck limo....
bwaa ha ha ha ha

How memorable and thoughtful and kind!

Praying for Josh.


Lindsey said...

What a super limo! Josh got style!

Still praying for you all :)

Amy said...

Wow! I'm praying here.

Hannah said...
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sis' cindy said...

WOW! Again!! Friends are amazing in a time of need!

Prayina for everyone!


Anonymous said...

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