Thursday, July 20, 2006

Be Strong and Courageous!

I bought 250 custom silicone bracelets to sell as a fund raiser for Josh. Aren't they cool?! It says "JOSHUA" on one side and on the opposite side it says "Duet. 31:6". Duet. 31:6 is 'be strong and courageous..'.

We are selling them for $5.00 each and all the proceeds will go directly to our friends to help them along the way. My children and I are so excited about these bracelets. We call them prayer bracelets. It's our reminder to pray 24/7 for Josh.

warning soap box:

Sure, we could have worn the very popular yellow Livestrong bracelets but I don't feel like supporting Lance Armstrong. He believes that he beat cancer all on his own, with his own power and strength. We're different here. We recognize all things are from the hand of God, good and bad, and we will praise our Savior for whatever the outcome. We will give all glory to God who is so deserving. We will never forget His goodness to Josh and I know that Josh will proclaim God's goodness, grace and mercy all the days of his life. So blue it is!

off soap box

Be strong and courageous Josh. We love you and pray for you 24/7 buddy!
Mrs. W.


Donna Boucher said...

Wonderful idea.

Do you ship?

sis' cindy said...

AMEN! Excellent soap box! :)

Janet said...

Oh Donna, you know how bad I am about shipping things...but I will if you'd like one :-)

Donna Boucher said...

I know what you mean about shipping :o)

Cindy's birthday gift sits on my couch....unshipped as her birthday passes!!!!

Ruthanne said...

Preach it, sister. Suds away!

May the bracelets sell like hotcakes.

Anonymous said...

Janet, you can send me 4. Just throw them in a yellow envelope like they have at Walgreens and put 2 stamps on it. They're practically shipped already :) Prayers for your dear little friend, his family and yours. sister sue.

cindy ,a sis too! said...

Jan...throw one in for me too! Only one package to ship! :)

Janet said...

I'll send them on Monday :)

Happy belated birthday, Cindy! Love you.

Anonymous said...
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