Monday, June 19, 2006


Ya know. I've just about had it with creepy crawly things. We had a few issues in CA with nasty roaches and just now my 2 little girls were in their bathroom looking for some finger nail polish and came across, thankfully not stung by, a scorpion ("scorpand" in our house). It looked just like the one in the picture. It was small and actually, small scorpands are more dangerous than large ones. Did you know that their sting is extremely painful and their venom is a neurotoxin?

My son was stung a few years ago and within an hour he reported to me that his throat was tight and numb like when he goes to the dentist! Poison Control people are saints. I love them. They call you back to check-in.

Anyway, all is well. Except now I have the heebie jeebies.


Dy said...

YIKES! We rented a house once that was literally infested w/ them. We found 28 in the eight months that we lived there. It's like having the heebie jeebies for nearly a year. A couple things I learned that might help - they usually nest in attics, rather than down below. They can survive in water for a long, long time. They glow under black lights (ok, that one was kind of cool, as they blended into our wood floors). AND, best of all, they can't handle moth balls. Strew a few in your attic/crawl space, and beneath your home and see if that does the trick. If you didn't have a wee one, I'd probably suggest a couple under the sinks, but why risk another call to poison control, right?



Donna Boucher said...

We have little ants. That's all.
Not toxic (in any way) and not stingy!!!

But they swarm onto the kitchen counter in a parade like fashion...and they are freaky!!!

Donna Boucher said...

By the way, how is Gone with the Wind?

Amy said...

Oooh. I've been stung about 4 times in my life. But our "scorpands" in Texas are not like the ones you have in AZ. It stung pretty bad then it was over. They would come in through the bathroom vents. Shudder.

In med school I learned that if you have a patient who gets stung by a tree scorpion like you guys have out there, then you have to call the U of AZ to get the antivenom!

Janet said...

Yea U of A!

I've heard the same thing about being bit by a rattlesnake.

We watch a show on TV about deadly venoms. We're weird, we like that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh Man, now I have the heebie jeebies...

Jan...BTW, where are your U of A baseball players...haven't seen them in the CWS this year!! I would LOVE for Steven to come down there and play! You and your boys should do some research for me on baseball schools. He is interested in broadcasting from the back of the canmera!!! He will be a JUCO Jr. transfer after next year!

sis' cindy :) said...

Good Gracious..I'm not's ME!!! :)

natalie said...

We don't have scorpions here in the midwest, for which I'm duly grateful, but we do have chiggers and ticks and last night to my horror I found a spider in my bed. :-o
So I sympathise completely with your heebie jeebies!