Saturday, June 03, 2006

Great Tunes!

My friend turned me on to Jack Johnson and I just bought the CD.

It is mellow, happy music.

It makes you smile and want to dance.

You won't be disappointed.

I want to go back to Hawaii. Ahhh, that place is magical.

Buy it here or here


Dana said...

From the sampler, it sounds like delightful, easy listening.

Will add to my Wish List.

Dana in GA

Amy said...

I looooove Jack Johnson's music! Enjoy!

your niece emma said...

I have brushfire fairytales(his first). i actually have it in my player right now...the best music to listen to in the summer!

Janet said...

Hi Emma, thanks for stopping by! When do you go to England?

You should do a guest blog on Quiet Life. Fill us in on the details.

sis' cindy :) said... are so hip!! Steven has been listening to him for awhile! They saw him at an outdoor concert over at the Hearnes Center a few years ago before he was "famous"!!

I read....(NO...not TO Kill A Mockingbird...Donna is going to read it to me outloud this summer if I can help it!!) Marley and Me this weekend! It is the sweetest Dog Lovers book about a family and their yellow lab. I recommend it!!

I have been at school preparing for summer school! I'm going home now to wake up some boys. Steven has been in Nebraska this weekend watching his friend who plays baseball for Miami. They took the regional Championship! B and girlfriend Becca went to Worlds of Fun yesterday in KC. Still..time to get up! ;)