Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We spent one long day at Disneyland. It was extremely crowded and hot. Oh well. The kids still had fun. Here are my little girls with a few of their friends.

We saw them at Disneyland too. Not my picture.

(Blogger irritates me!!)


Classical Home said...

Ahhh. A picture of those sweet girls with Pooh is so much better than that scorpion thing. I was starting to fear clicking your link in my favorites! LOL.

What a beautiful vacation, Janet.


sis' cindy :) said...

I am not sure where I posted earlier...but I said...Janet, You should find the pics of you and Pooh when the Williams brought the Pooh costume home!! Too cute!

Lucky little kids to spend time on the beach!! Great house!

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you so much for sharing the photos! Darling children, as usual.

Great beach!!!!

Love the smell and sound of the ocean!!!

Amy said...

What a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Dy said...

NO! That little one isn't so little anymore! Wow, she's grown! Love the pictures.


Janet said...

Yes Dy, that is my baby :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey Janet Great photos. Great house. We had scorpians last summer at the lake. ICK! I have to check my sheets every time I get in bed! Who is the "couple" you saw at Disneyland... I am out of it. We're back from Italy. It was like Disneyland in an ancient city. Crowds and crowds, hot and long lines everywhere. Cool but busy. sister sue ttfn

Janet said...

Sue, it's Courtney Cox (Friends) and David Arquette(?). Even though I wasn't a Friends watcher I know who she is from the magazine covers and the infamous Bruce Springstien music video back in the day.