Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Life is Busy

Things are busy around our house these days. We leave on Thursday morning for an Interstate Battery Convention in San Diego. (and my husband is currently sick with the intestinal flu)

I hope to visit this lovely place while we are there.

We will be gone until Tuesday so I won't be posting for a while.

I will have you know we have two large dogs. Both of them will eat you alive if you attempt to rob our house.

Happy Donna? hehehe.


Lauren said...

Hi Mrs. Walworth! About two years ago me and my sister stayed on Coronado Island with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. It's beaitful and a lot of fun!

Donna Boucher said...

What a blessing to be able to travel to such lovely places!

Good thing you have fierce dogs to protect your home.

We only have a very sassy cat who will hiss at you if you pick her up.

Have a great time.'

How are you feeling???

Love you,

Amy said...

Ooh la la! I hope you have a wonderful time, but why you would go to the convention in San Diego instead of Dallas is beyond me...

Dy said...

What a wonderful time of year to go (well, as if there's a bad time of year for that area? Yeah, I know.) Think of me, weathering the land-based squalls, okay? And run your toes through the sand for me!

Hope hubby is feeling much better before you try to head out. Yikes! And you? How are you feeling?