Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday x 2

Today we celebrate two very special birthdays.

Hannah is 14 today!


Danielle is now 11!

They will open presents, we will go out to dinner as a family and I will be serving brownies and icecream after dinner. Oh, and we hope to get some free stuff today. Krispy Kreme donuts and maybe a Starbucks Frap!

Lauren (3) was sure to wake them at 6 AM to wish them a happy day. Dani got up but Hannah quickly locked her bedroom door and crawled back in to bed.

I am blessed to have such precious daughters. They are sweet, kind, happy and full of life.

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Happy Birthday, Dani!

I love you,


Hannah said...

Thanks mom!

Oh, and I didn't lock the door I just closed. lol


Danielle said...

Thank's Mom!!!

I love Ya!

Donna Boucher said...

I wondered why May 19th kept singing in my head.

Happy Birthday Hannah and Dani.
You are as beautiful inside as you are on the outside!
God bless you two!!!

Aunt CIndy :) said...

Happy Birthdya Girls!!! Sounds like a fun day planned!!

Lots of Love,

Dominion Family said...

Happy Birthday, Girls. I have boys that share a birthday, too.

How was Coronado?

I guess you didn't run into Timothy. He was on the island all week.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness!!! Gorgeous pictures!!! You both look so pretty!
And grown up!!!

Aunt Donna

Janet said...

Cindy @ dominion, but do you have two boys who are 14+ and 11+?? hehehe ;-)

I thought of Timothy several times while we were in San Diego. We stayed right on the bay and saw several Navy boats/ships pass by. One day my husband said to me 'can you imagine laying in the ice cold ocean today?' He, too, was impressed with your son's achievements. We are going back in June (can you tell we love it there?) but we will be in Oceanside, about 30 minutes North. He should join us at the beach house for dinner.

Donna and Cindy (sis), thank you! :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, girls!

lammyann said...

I have two born on May 19th as well---Great day.

Dominion Family said...

I have boys of all ages :) I am saving Alex for Katie but after that you can have your pick. My 15yo is a real gem.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Late (Again) you two. Hope you had a great day. You look beautiful, both of you!!!
Love Aunt Sue

Ruthanne said...

Beautiful, beautiful smiles. :) :)

Happy Birthday, Hannah and Danielle!