Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I promise this will be the LAST post having anything to do with my birthday. :-)

About 2 months ago I emailed Donna and asked her to help me close down my blog. She wouldn't do it, she said if all I do is communicate with my sisters that is enough. At that time I had three long distance sisters reading my blog and it was a great way to keep in touch so I decided not to close it down. Our discussion made me think hard about why I have this blog. In a nutshell, I want to share my life with my sisters and my internet friends. I want to encourage, edify, laugh and communicate but more than anything I hope to share the love of Christ with my readers.

All that said so I can post these pictures for my sisters to enjoy.

Uncle Mel and Nancy

Janet and Janice

Nancy and Bink (yes, that is his nickname) took Dave, Janice and me out to dinner on Monday night. We met at a nice restaurant near Carefree. We had a very special surprise waiting for us at our table. Uncle Mel. He is our father's older brother and just turned 80 years old. The three of us were shocked and thrilled. We couldn't believe Nancy pulled this off. Uncle Mel lives in Carefree during the winter months, his home is only 10 minutes from this place. We had a delightful visit and I had the privilege of sitting across from him. That means I got to look in to those beautiful Greek/German eyes, admire his lovely white hair and soft olive skin for two whole hours!! When I look at Uncle Mel I see my own father. They didn't look that much alike to be honest but he is his flesh and blood, his brother. Our father would be 78 years old.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh Janet!

Everyone looks so great!

Uncle Mel looks better than he did at Aunt Lola's funeral. So handsome and tan.

Nancy looks so happy!

You and Janice looks so much like your picture from Camelback.

Darling girls!!!

Does Mel mention Mom and Dad?

This is my favorite post you've ever posted.
Thank you!!!


(I should send Kris I. over so she can see Uncle Mel.)

Classical Home said...

Such wonderful pictures, and what a dessert! I'll always love Creme Brulee. I first tasted it on the night my husband proposed.

I'm very glad Donna refused your request.


Dy said...

Oh, Janet, that's neat! What a wonderful surprise!

Which restaurant was it? I love what they did with the plate - that's so sweet.


sis' cindy :) said...

Janet...thank you!! Everyone does look so wonderful! Uncle Mel's mouth is very much like Dad's and did you notice his hands?! Just like Dad's too! My Steven has Dad's mouth! :)
Now, how do I get my hands on these picutres?

Do you remember at cousin Diana's wedding how we would snatch the cream brulee's from the empty spots at the tables so we could eat more!! So naughty.

Please keep Blogging! I know it is are very inspiring and you really must continue to share your love of Christ with us! Maybe, if you try to make an entry just a few times a week..then, as time allows daily. You have so much to share.

I'm off to walk on Susie's treadmill and talk to her cat!

Much love,
me :)

Janet said...

Cindy and Donna, I'll email you the rest of the pictures.

Dy, the place is called Tonto Bar and Grill at the Rancho Manana Golf course. We ate on the patio that over looks the golf course, it was beautiful. Tell your boys that after dinner 3 (wild)javalina strolled up to the patio for a little look. Yikes! Those things scare me. They are so blind and dumb I don't trust them.

Dominion Family said...

Don't you dare quit blogging!

I am really a bit jealous of all your sisters. I do have one sister but my poor little girl doesn't have any sisters.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness!!!I have never heard of a javelina! So I googled it expecting to see a lizard...and there was this ugly boar of a creature..

Yeah...I'd be hiding my food from that creature!

Janet said...

Donna! No, not a lizard :-) Pardon my misspelling. Javelina is correct!

Cindy @, welcome and I'm glad you could comment! Miss Emily may not have a sister but she has 8 handsome boys/men that will love her to death and protect and cherish her.

Dana said...

Ditto, Cindy's encouragement. I hope you dont quit either. And I think Donna's reason is adequate as well. I have three sisters and I kinda wish they had blogs. Well, one does, but she doesnt post very often. I think they secretly read mine ;) I am composing my thoughts for a *why I blog* post.
You Glymans have such a lovely family. It's time to start a *homepage* like the Jordans.

Donna Boucher said...

Do I spy a glistening earring?

Janet said...

Bling. Bling.

sis' cindy :) said...

Awwwwww...Miss Janet, are those diamonds I see in yo' ears!! (as said like one of my sweet kinders...) (who/whom? I miss so much and can't wait until Monday!)

Happy weekend! I'm off to Crowder to watch a ball game tomorrow! I will visit with my Steven working the concession stand as he continues to rehab his elbow!


Anonymous said...

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