Friday, March 10, 2006

Off to the city of Lost Wages

That's Las Vegas for those who have never heard it called that appropriate nickname.

Why on earth, you ask?

We have an opportunity to go to the Nascar race to cheer on the new driver of the Interstate Batteries race car. His name is J.J. Yeley. He drives the #18 car. My hubby and I thought it would be fun to take the 3 older children to a race but I insisted that it must be a race with a hospitality tent. That meant we would either go to the Fontana race track or Vegas. We were too late for California so we have to go to Las Vegas.

The reasons I insisted on a tent are:

1) the crowds at a Nascar event are ROUGH, not your average homeschool group
2) we will be served food and pop
3) if we get tired we can go to the tent and rest and watch the race on the TV
4) they have nice pork-a-potties (that's what my children call them)
5) in case of rain we can take cover!
6) we will most likely meet J.J. Yeley and Joe Gibbs, they usually come to the tent for a while and sign autographs. I especially like Joe Gibbs. He is a man of great character and of Christian faith and he is not afraid to tell you so!

I have only been to two races in my life so I only consider myself a mild redneck. My husband thinks I'm a big redneck because I don't wear ear plugs and I usually watch the whole race. I have to admit, I love the speed of the cars and the roar of the engines.

I have warned my children that while we are touring Las Vegas that if at any time I scream "close your eyes" they must obey immediately and not ask "but why Mom?".

I would appreciate your prayers. Lauren had a fever on Wednesday and Thursday and now has a nasty cold and I have been sick with an upset stomach for two days. It is rather difficult to do laundry and pack for 7 while hunched over in pain and in bed most of the day. I'm worried about Sarah who will be staying with friends and those who might get it while we are traveling. The supplies are in the car; garbage can, wipes, paper towel and ziploc bags....use your imagination.

See ya when we get back. Ta Ta.


Donna Boucher said...

I hope the children get well, Janet!

And you too!!!

Could you be....?????

Have a great time at the race!

Be safe and love to all,

Janet said...

No, I'm not....????

You are a funny girl.