Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Laundry Fun!

No need to go to the archives. All of the pictures are up on today's post. Look at the new ones and don't forget to vote!

Be sure to pay Mommy Life a visit and look at all of the laundry pictures. Go to the archives and click March. The girls are creative and absolutely darling. The contest ends tomorrow and then the voting begins.

I have my favorites. The mommy that superimposed herself in to the picture three times, that one is my all time favorite. Can you see the Nutrimill in the background?

My next favorite it the doll that is bending over and her bum is sticking up in the air. Now that is a brave woman but the next picture tells us why she can do that...she is small enough to fit INSIDE her washing machine!!

I am always whining and complaining about my laundry situation to Donna. She offers some good advice on occasion and usually a little teasing too. :-)

So, what are your favorite laundry products?

Mine are Tide, Bounce and Clorox Bleach. No substitutes. No way.


Donna Boucher said...

Well...that just made me jealous!

Painted walls.
Main floor.

I think heaven will have a laundry room on the main floor.

I suppose you think heaven will have NO laundry!

Ah well...

Thank for the link, anyway, it was really neat to see all of those sweet ladies and their children and their machines :o)

Amy said...


That is exactly what I use - Tide,Bounce, Clorox. I've always used them. But we've run into a problem. The underarms of Bud's workout shirts are not coming out completely, well, fresh. We got rid of our nightmare Asko frontloader and got a very nice whirlpool, and now this.

I'm thinking of throwing in vinegar with the wash. Any ideas?

I finally did your meme - a week later!

Donna Boucher said...


The thing that works best for me with smelly things is hot water.

Sometimes I wash my dishcloths and they still smell musty. I put them in boiling water and this seems to do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet. I too use Tide and Clorox. Drives Keith nuts that I won't buy generic bleach. It smells different! I own Bounce but rarely use it...how odd. Can't let those whites sit in the washing machine for long. I've been known to just do the whole load over again to avoid the stinky, musty rags. ttfn. love sue

natalie said...

Favorite laundry product- definitely Shout stain remover. :-)

p.s.- you have two broken links. The T4G and Dave Black links.

Janet said...

I forgot to mention Spray and Wash! I couldn't do my laundry without it.

Natalie, thank you for reminding me about the broken links. I was avoiding them for fear I couldn't get them to work. All I did was delete the existing link and start fresh. It worked! Yipee :)

Dominion Family said...

Love your picture at the top.

Thanks for sending me over there. I don't get over to Barbara's blog near enough.

I love Oxyclean for uniforms. I use Sam's detergent and Spray & Wash.

Have you ever tried vinegar in the wash to remove odors? A friend of mine does that but I haven't tried it yet.

Amy said...

UPDATE: I washed a couple of particularly stinky shirts yesterday, and threw 1/2 cup of vinegar in the fabric softener thingy. It worked! Easy and cheap!