Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures of People in DC!

The kids call this my paparazzi shot.

Lauren, in between uncontrollable laughter and sobbing uncontrollably. JK. It was a long day folks. What a ragamuffin. :)

Sarah at the National Cathedral.

Did I forget to mention we were at an Interstate Batteries Convention? Isn't that limo kewl? No, we didn't get to ride in it.

Hannah at the Smithsonian gardens.

Dani at The National Zoo.

Dave, James and Hannah on the Metro.

The whole fam with Mr. Lincoln. Hmmmm, who took this picture?


Anita said...

Great pictures- I especially like the one of Hannah looking completely underwhelmed by the Smithsonian Garden.
By the way, I hope you didn't spend too long looking for my sister in DC :)
Turns out they didn't make it any further than Jamestown. I hope she took as many great pictures as you did.
I sure do like Mr. Lincoln, don't you?
And you sure do have a lovely family!

Janet said...

And all this time it thought I saw your sister on the Metro. ;-)

I do like Mr. Lincoln. He was so much bigger than I imagined.

Thank you Anita for saying I have a lovely family. We sure look sweaty though, don't we? haha

Junebug said...

You have a beautiful family. My brother and his family went to Seven Falls in Colorado last week and he said that he was sitting across from the Falls waiting for it to get dark to see the lights when they come on. So, he said that tons of people were struggling to take a picture of their whole family there and he offered to take pictures for them. He said he ended up taking at least twenty families pictures for them. Kinda nice?

Donna Boucher said...

Who did take that picture???

I love that picture!!!

Love it!

Nice fingernails, Nance :o)

Laura said...

Great people pictures! At least you get faces and not the backs of people's heads (like I do!). That paparazzi shot is fantastic!

Amy said...

Did you love the National Cathedral?

When we lived there, it was mandatory that all visitors went there and to the Lincoln Memorial (of course everyone went to see Abe, so I really didn't have to require that). That was all anyone had to do to have free room and board while they explored D.C. What a deal.

People don't visit us as much since we moved to the Dallas suburbs. Hmm.

melinda said...

you really are a pretty family... love the pictures.

Seven's Heaven said...

Love the photos. And don't you love to have your nails done for vacation? I love that, don't have to worry about wrecking them.

Are you getting thunder and lightening tonight? Bad storm up here in Carefree!!

Dot O said...

Love your pics, Janet!! Makes me wanna run back and visit DC again some day.

We did Williamsburg VA last summer. Great photo opportunities there too!!

Hope you had a wonderful trip.