Monday, May 14, 2007

Modest and Pretty

I've been reading some interesting articles on other blogs lately.

This excellent article, written by a man, encourages young and old ladies to dress modestly. Some people were offended by this post but I took it as very good advice from a God-fearing man. It's true. Look around you...some women are dressing like tramps. They are wearing clothing that belongs in their bedroom. I cringe when I have my son with me and we encounter someone in an inappropriate outfit. I want to put my hands over his eyes (he's 13). We encounter these people all to often at our own church and our Christian school. I may sound like a prude but this mama bear has 5 precious blessings to protect and boy is it getting difficult!! We have long talks with our older children about their dress and about how to deal with the things they see out in public.

I think our dear mother taught us well about being modest. Her example to us was key and our example to our girls is also key. All of my sisters dress beautifully and modest. Yeah sisters!!

Here are a few outfits I think are:

a. hip and cool :)
b. modest
c. non-haggard like
d. affordable

Below you will find clothing from Coldwater Creek, Target, Chicos and Walmart (hey, I wanted a variety of prices).

So, tell me...what do you think?

Do you agree that these are modest, pretty and not haggard like?

And just for fun try guessing what clothing is from what store.


Donna Boucher said...

Good taste, Janet dear!

Okay.I want to guess.

shorts are either Walmart of chicos
Gauzey blouse Chicos
Brown Dress is Coldwater C., that's easy.
black top is target
white pants are walmart
flower skirt is target and pink blouse is walmart.

Not frumpy or haggerdly in any way!

Cindy said...

I like your choices, Janet, only I couldn't wear sleeveless because my arms are too fat and I have a big scar. I wish I could though.

Janet said...

Cindy, I don't wear sleeveless either for the very same reason. But I do like sleeveless and hope someday to be able to wear them.

Circle of Quiet said...

Lovely. Non-fumpy. I esp. like the brown dress, but the sleeveless thing is a problem for me, even without a scar.

Appreciate your words as the mother of 15 and 14 y.o. boys.


sis' cindy :) said...

I agree, we are a modest bunch!! My big stress in the frumpy department are shoes!! I DO NOT want to look frumpy down by my feet. I think that is why I like flip-flops...they are slenderizing! Hey, gotta do what we can!

j said...

huh, I never thought of flip flops as then you're not a birkenstock kinda girl? and didn't I tell you how much I love my Dansko's, not trim by any point of view

Janet said...

Flip flops help me stay cool and cool and young and now slender!! :) Woo hoo.

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh, I do like Birkies! I try to find the single or slim double straps. AND I love finding them in cute colors! They make my feet so happy! OK..slenderizing..NOT SO MUCH!!

ginette said...

Hi, I'm glad I found this Blog and this Post on Modesty..
I like most of the outfits showed exept for the ones sleeveless..
I've never been comfortable with slevveless dress ou t-shirt.. Beside, I'm a Catholic and want to follow Pope's advices on modesty..according to his written, one should wear dress or t-shirt with sleeves up to the elbow..
I must admit I do not always follow it but as I said, I can't wear outfit without sleeves..I feel unmodest..
I do not want to hurt anyone.. Just to make you know my point..