Monday, May 21, 2007

Giddy Up

We've been up in Mund's Park since Thursday night.

This is what we did on Friday afternoon....

Lauren couldn't go on the one hour ride but she got to ride the horsey before we left for our ride. Can you see her excitement? I love the one with her squeezing the horn with all her might.

Do you see the person in front of me in the blue shirt? That is Dave's 75 year old mother! What a trooper. She grew up on a farm in Kentucky so this was nothing out of the ordinary for her. Except she had mules.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've always loved horses and used to ride them when I lived in Wisconsin. I hadn't been on a horse in 20 years! My only regret is that we didn't get to run them. I held back a few times so I could get a little trot in but that was it, no running allowed. It's probably a very good thing we didn't run, I was very sore. The outside of my knees and my bum just ached!!

Next post, Saturday's pictures.


Dana said...

This looks like lots of fun.

DD#3 worked at a horse ranch last summer and got to lead horse rides.

Dana in Ga

Donna Boucher said...

Oh that is so neat!
Mom and Dad took us horsebackriding in Hayward!
Then we went to Paradise Ranch in Colorado for a big family vacation.
I think it was the only time we all flew anywhere.
I was in horsey heaven.

I love the line up of your family on horses. Good camera work Janet!

And your mother in law looks like a 25 year old from the back.

That is absolutely amazing!

Janice said...

When I saw the pic of Lolo I thought of the Colorado of us got a crazy horse that Dad had to "capture", Donna, do you remember that?

I see horses every day in the neighborhood I work in (when the windows are open, I can hear them whinney)and it makes me want to ride one so bad!!!

Well, it sure looks like you had a great trip!!!

Janet said...

Janice, I'm only going to share the good parts. Trying to be positive here. ;)

Re the CO trip: My horse went berserk in the corale and Daddy had to save me. I was falling off the horse and he was spooked.

Dave wouldn't go riding, he says he's been bucked the two times he ever got on a horse. Anyway, he had a flat tire to change. Oops, staying positive.

sis' cindy :) said...

This looks like fun for YOU...NOT for me!

OH...horses absolutely terrify me! I thought the vacation in CO would NEVER end when we were little!! I mostly took the Tally Ho (a stage coach thingy!) because I was so scared!! I had a horse named WARRIOR! It was always stumbling on the rocks on the pathes...

...I do have some fun memories of Paradise Ranch...the pool...and playing Yatzee in the evenings!

Janice said...

anxiously awaiting Saturday's pics

in trouble said...

hey pretty sister, you are so amazing, what would I do without you?!

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