Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scooby and Rednecks

I'm posting this picture for my blog friend Cindy. She wrote a funny post about annoying inflatables she saw at Sam's Club a few weeks ago. Well, this guy can be found 5 doors down from my house and every time I drive by it I think of her. Isn't he cute? I agree with her conclusion though...it's silly to waste your money on these goofy halloween decorations. I'm saving my money for nice harvest type decorations like pumpkins and fall wreaths.

I also thought of Cindy when I heard a country song on the radio tonight called "Redneck Yacht Club". Listen to it here, ya'll.

Cindy, she's my hero. :-)


Donna Boucher said...

That song is so funny! I have never heard it before...we don't have enough sun to have rednecks.

Cheeseheads, abundant.

That scooby do is really fun. Katie would love it. I try not to let her watch that show cause of all the ghosts...but she sneeks it in from time to time.

Enjoy that silly scooby. It makes you smile...and that's the point. I think :o)

Janet said...

Donna, you're right, this post had no real point other than to pick on Cindy and be silly.

Cindy said...

I couldn't comment this morning for some reason so that is why I gave the subject another whole blog post. I heard Red Neck Yacht Club the other day and I thought it kinda gives a happy feeling even if it is corny.

sis' cindy :) said...

A few Christmases ago, I had my Darling blow-up Santa stolen from my yard. How sad is that? I have seen a big sitting turkey that I would LOVE!! I tend to buy Fall things thses days so I can keep them up thru Thnaksgiving!

I do love Halloween...I think it's really FALL I love and the Halloween C-A-N-D-Y!! Janet, years ago you sent me a darling Pooh BOO! decor that I still hang up... the boys like to see some of my old time stuff from when they were little. Donna made me a beutiful pumpkin patch quilt hang-up that stys up all Fall!

We are hanging up our Fall color paper chains we made in Math (patterns) today! I'll be that brings back some school memories!!

Happy Fall to All!

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh..so many typos..SO SORRY!!