Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Wedding Day

Lauren and Jillianne. I kept the girls busy while the ladies were in the room getting ready. We were being very silly.

Keith's daughter Brooke and Lauren. Aren't their dresses beautiful. They were little princesses that day.

I took Lauren to the bridal shop three months ago to try on the dress. She loved the three-way mirrors and standing tall on the platform. She looked over to the glass display case and said to me: "Mama, do little girls get to wear tiara's?"
Tammy gave all five flower girls a tiara at the rehearsal dinner. Lauren was beyond excited.

Big girl Cousins!! From the left: Dani, cousin Ashley, Hannah and cousin Abby.

Beautiful, lovely Dorothy. This is Dave's grandmother. She is 92 years old.

Last but certainly not least. My boy James! Oh, it was fun to have him all dressed up. No "Under Armour" on this day. :) I take that back, there probably was "Under Armour" under that cool tux.

Bride and Groom tomorrow. Good way to get three posts, eh?


Janice said...

so cute!!

I'm so happy to see Grandma Great

Anita said...

Wait. Aren't you missing a child in the photos somewhere? I'm pretty sure you have another daughter. Of course you would know better than I.
But if I'm right I'm lobbying for equal picture time for the missing girl.
OH! I just found her tucked away in yesterday. You're back in the good, equal time mom hemisphere.
When my boys get married I'll suggest their brides get the little girls tiaras. Very sweet!

Janet said...

Very good Anita. You're right. Sarah is missing in today's post but she is in yesterday's and James is not. I do try to be fair. hehe. I think I have one of Sarah dancing so I'll put that up tomorrow. :)

Donna Boucher said...

I am so thankful for the internet.

I love to see your children grow up and to see their adorable faces!!!

I know it is not "your best"
but I love when you blog, Janet!