Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This just cracks me up!

"How are youuuuuu?"

"Why am I talking so loud?"

Salsa dancer? ROTF LMBO!!!!!!


This commercial caught my attention during the Superbowl because of the jumper cables and battery. (hey, it's my life, ok) I, of course, think it should have been an Interstate. I laughed til I cried over this one and watched it several more times on YouTube. I also sent it to my husband to share with our employees in case they didn't see it. Just think if it was powered by an Interstate!

Shameless plug over.

Warning: Very stupid humor, hopefully not too offensive.


Donna Boucher said...

That jumper cable commercial is twister, sister!

Here was my fave.


And I liked the horse getting in shape to the Rocky music.

Janet said...

I loved the one you linked to also! Very cute.